ADMIRAL trial results at ASCO 2020

Long-term survivors and gilteritinib safety beyond one year in FLT3-mutated R/R AML: ADMIRAL trial follow-up.

Abstract No : 7514

Abstract Type : Poster Discussion Session

Indication : Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Intervention : Gilteritinib

Company : Astellas Pharma, Inc

Technology : Small molecule


At 1 year after the primary analysis, median FU for OS was 29.2 mo. Median OS remained longer with gilteritinib (9.3 mo) than with SC (5.6 mo; HR=0.679 [95% CI: 0.527, 0.875], nominal P=0.0026); 18-mo OS rates were 27% and 15%, respectively (Table). Of 49 censored pts in the gilteritinib arm, 20 continued treatment; 13 of these 20 pts underwent transplantation (HSCT) and received gilteritinib post-HSCT. Median gilteritinib exposure was 4.1 mo (IQR, 2.1-8.2) and median average dose was 120 mg/day (range, 43.8-192.3); 12% (n=30/246) of pts had ≥18 mo and 7% (n=17/246) had ≥24 mo of drug exposure. A total of 63 gilteritinib-treated pts had OS ≥18 mo (median exposure, 17.6 mo [IQR, 3.1-25.7 mo]). A high proportion of these LT survivors achieved remission pre-HSCT (Table); median durations of complete remission (CR) or CR with partial hematologic recovery (CRh) have not been reached. After a median of 3.5 mo, 35 of 63 (56%) LT survivors underwent HSCT; 25 of these 35 pts (71%) received post-HSCT gilteritinib therapy. Of 28 pts who did not undergo HSCT, 15 (54%) received gilteritinib for ≥18 mo. Most common grade ≥3 adverse events (AEs) during the first 12 mo of gilteritinib therapy were febrile neutropenia (45%), anemia (40%), and thrombocytopenia (23%); rates of these grade ≥3 AEs decreased to 8%, 10%, and 0, respectively, after 12 mo of treatment. Most common fatal AEs during the first 12 mo of gilteritinib therapy were AML (11%), infections (11%), and cardiac disorders (3%); after 12 mo of treatment, rates of these fatal AEs were 6%, 8%, and 2%, respectively.


Results from this ADMIRAL trial FU suggest LT survival in pts receiving gilteritinib is related to ongoing remission, subsequent HSCT, or post-HSCT gilteritinib therapy. The safety profile of gilteritinib beyond 1 year was stable.


ADMIRAL trial results confirm superiority in remission and survival (mOS 9.3 vs 5.6 mos) over standard chemo in R/R AML.

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