ASCO: Results from the phase III SPARTAN trial

Final survival results from SPARTAN, a phase III study of apalutamide (APA) versus placebo (PBO) in patients (pts) with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (nmCRPC)

Abstract Number : 5516

Abstract Type : Poster Discussion Session

Indication : Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer

Intervention : Apalutamide (APA) + ADT vs ADT

Company : Janssen Research & Development

Technology : Small Molecule


With follow-up of 52.0 mo, 428 (of 427 required) OS events had occurred. Median treatment duration: APA, 32.9 mo; PBO, 11.5 mo. Median OS was significantly longer with APA + ADT vs PBO + ADT (73.9 vs 59.9 mo), (hazard ratio [HR], 0.784, Table). APA significantly lengthened TTCx (HR, 0.629). Discontinuation rates (APA vs PBO) due to progressive disease were 42.7% vs 73.9%, and due to adverse events (AE) 15.2% vs 8.4%. Safety was consistent with previous reports; grade 3/4 treatment-emergent (TE) AEs of special interest were rash 5.2%, fractures 4.9%, falls 2.7%, ischemic heart disease 2.6%, hypothyroidism 0%, and seizures 0%. 1 TEAE leading to death (myocardial infarction) was considered potentially APA related.


In pts with nmCRPC, APA + ADT significantly improved OS compared with PBO + ADT, with median OS > 6 yr in the APA + ADT group and 14 mo improvement over PBO + ADT. Benefit from APA was observed despite a 19% crossover from PBO. The safety profile of APA was consistent with prior interim analyses.


Median overall survival was significantly longer among men receiving apalutamide than placebo (73.9 versus 59.9 months), corresponding to a relative reduction of 21.6% in the risk of death

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