Depth of response to isatuximab, carfilzomib, lenalidomide, and dexamethasone (Isa-KRd) in front-line treatment of high-risk multiple myeloma: Interim analysis of the GMMG-CONCEPT trial

Abstract No : 8508

Abstract Type : Oral Abstract Session

Indication : Multiple Myeloma

Intervention : Isatuximab

Company : Sanofi, Celgene, Amgen

Technology : Small molecule


50 pts (46 arm A, 4 arm B) were included in the IA population for ORR. HR MM was defined by del17p in 52%, t(4;14) in 38%, t(14;16) in 12% and > 3 copies 1q21 in 42%. 39/46 pts in arm A and 4/4 pts in arm B completed induction treatment. ORR was 100%, with 5 pts (10.0%) showing partial response (PR), 22 (44.0%; including 4 in arm B) very good partial response (VGPR) and 23 (46.0 %) complete response (CR). Median stem cell yield was 6.6 × 106CD34+ cells/kg. Grade 3/4 treatment-emergent adverse events (≥ 10%) with Isa-KRd included neutropenia (34.0%), leukopenia (26.0%) and thrombocytopenia (14.0%). Main non-hematologic toxicities grade 3/4 were hypertension (12.0%) and infection (8.0%).


To the best of our knowledge, we report for the first time on a trial investigating solely HR NDMM and Isa-KRd quadruplet treatment. Isa-KRd induction induces deep responses in HR MM pts. The overall safety profile of Isa-KRd is expected and consistent with previous reports. The study is ongoing, with pts continuing to be included.


Isa-KRd regimen has demonstrated a rapid and deep response making it a potential drug to watch out for in the front line MM.

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