Anti-cd47 Antibody Magrolimab Combined With Azacitidine

Tolerability and efficacy of the first-in-class anti-CD47 antibody magrolimab combined with azacitidine in MDS and AML patients: Phase Ib results

Abstract No : 7507

Abstract Type : Poster Discussion Session

Indication : MDS/AML

Intervention : Magrolimab

Company : Forty Seven, Inc

Technology : Monoclonal antibody


68 patients (39 MDS, 29 AML) with a median age of 72 were treated with magrolimab+AZA. 19% were intermediate cytogenetic risk with 68% poor risk (13% unknown). 27% were TP53 mutant. The combo was well-tolerated with safety similar to AZA alone. Common treatment-related AEs were anemia (38%), fatigue (21%), neutropenia (19%), thrombocytopenia (18%) and infusion reaction (16%). Treatment-related febrile neutropenia was 1.5%. Only 1 patient (1.5%) discontinued due to an AE. In RBC transfusion dependent patients, 58% of MDS and 64% of AML patients became transfusion independent. 30/33 (91%) efficacy evaluable MDS patients had an objective response (42% CR, 24% marrow CR (4/8 also with HI), 3% PR, 21% HI alone, 9% SD). MDS patient responses deepened on study, with a 56% CR rate in patients with ≥ 6 mo follow-up. In AML, 16/25 (64%) responded (40% CR, 16% CRi, 4% PR, 4% MFLS, 32% SD, 4% PD). In 12 TP53 mutant AML patients, 75% had a CR+CRi (42% CR, 33% CRi, 17% SD, 8% PD). Cytogenetic CR was seen in 35% and 50% of responding MDS and AML patients. 22% of MDS and 50% of AML patients with CR/CRi/marrow CR were MRD negative by flow cytometry. Median duration of response is not reached in either MDS or AML, including TP53 mutant AML, with a median follow-up of 5.8, 8.8 and 9.4 mos, respectively (range: 1.9 – 16.8 mos). 91% of MDS and 100% of AML responding patients are in response at 6 mos. The 6 mo overall survival estimate is 100% in MDS and 91% in TP53 mutant AML patients.


Magrolimab is a macrophage targeting immunotherapy that with AZA is well tolerated with durable efficacy in MDS, AML, particularly TP53 mutant, a poor prognostic group. A potential registration single arm MDS cohort is ongoing (NCT03248479). ENHANCE, a randomized Ph3 MDS trial is planned. Additional patients/analyses will be reported. Funded by Forty Seven and CIRM


Magrolimab combination with AZA demonstrated encouraging efficacy results in MDS and AML, with 91% and 64% ORR respectively. mDOR still not reached at follow up of 10 mos.

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