ASCO: Results of Cabozantinib

A phase III study of venetoclax plus low-dose cytarabine in previously untreated older patients with acute myeloid leukemia (VIALE-C): A sixmonth update.

Abstract No : 5089

Abstract Type : Poster Session

Indication : Renal Cell Carcinoma

Intervention : cabozantinib

Company : Takeda and Exelixis

Technology : c-MET and VEGFR2 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor


365 pts (pre-w/ IO subgroup: 33 pts, pre-w/o IO subgroup:332 pts) were included for efficacy analysis and 366 pts (pre-w/ IO subgroup: 33 pts, pre-w/o IO subgroup:333 pts) for safety analysis. Minor differences in baseline characteristics were noted between the analysis subgroups but are not expected to substantially affect efficacy outcomes. The ORR was 21.2% (95% CI: 9.0-38.9%) for pre-w/ IO subgroup, and 17.2% (95% CI: 13.3-21.7%) for pre-w/o IO subgroup. PFS rate and OS rate at 6 months pre-w/ IO was 65.5%, 90.8% and pre-w/o IO was 58.3%, 90.6%, respectively. Although there were some differences in the safety profile, almost all AEs were manageable by dose modifications. There were no differences in AEs associated with IO treatment, such as pneumonitis, endocrinolopathy or infusion related reaction. No new safety signals were noted in any subgroups.


Safety and treatment efficacy of cabozantinib were maintained in the pooled analysis of pts from METEOR and C2001 irrespective of prior IO treatment.


Results of this pool analysis suggest that Cabozantinib is effective regardless of previous treatments in patients with advanced RCC.

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