ASCO: Results of KEYNOTE-164 study

Abstract No : 4032

Indication : MSI-H CRC

Intervention : Pembrolizumab

Company : Merck & Co.

Technology : Monoclonal antibody


At data cutoff, the median follow-up was 31.4 mo (range, 0.2-47.8) for 61 pts in cohort A and 36.1 mo (0.1- 39.3) for 63 pts in cohort B. ORR was 32.8% (3CR, 17PR; 95% CI% 21.3-46.0) for cohort A and 34.9% (8CR, 14PR; 95% CI 23.3-48.0) in cohort B. Median DOR was not reached (NR [range, 6.2- 41.3+]) and not reached (range, 3.9+ to 37.1+), respectively. Fifteen pts in cohort A and 17 in cohort B had ongoing responses at data cutoff. Median PFS was 2.3 mo (95% CI 2.1-8.1) with 3-yr PFS rate of 31% in cohort A and was 4.1 mo (2.1-18.9) with 3-yr PFS rate of 34% in cohort B. Median OS was 31.4 mo (21.4-NR) with 3-yr OS rate of 49% in cohort A and was not reached (19.2-NR) with 3-yr OS rate of 52% in cohort B. Nine pts (6 in cohort A, 3 in cohort B) had a second course of treatment. The best response in second course was PR in 1 patient each in cohort A and B. Grade 3-4 drug-related adverse events occurred in 10 (16%) pts in cohort A and 8 (13%) pts in cohort B. No grade 5 drug-related events occurred.


After approximately 3 y of follow-up, pembrolizumab continues to provide effective long-term antitumor immunity with durable responses, with small numbers of drug-related adverse events and no drug-related deaths in pts with advanced, MSI-H CRC.


Pembrolizumab monotherapy provides long term antitumor activity with durable responses and fewer adverse events in patients with previously treated MSI-H mCRC.

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