BRIGHT AML 1003 final report

Glasdegib (GLAS) plus low-dose cytarabine (LDAC) in AML or MDS: BRIGHT AML 1003 final report and four-year overall survival (OS) follow-up

Abstract No : 7509

Abstract Type : Poster Discussion Session

Indication : MDS/AML

Intervention : Glasdegib

Company : Pfizer

Technology : Small molecule


Consistent with the primary findings (OS HR 0.51; 80% CI 0.39, 0.67 p=0.0004), GLAS+LDAC prolonged OS vs LDAC alone (table). Results were consistent in AML pts and cytogenetic risk/disease history subgroups (table), as were analyses by pt characteristics and baseline risk factors (not shown). Survival probability was 39.5% vs 9.5% at 1 year and 18.0% vs 2.4% at 2 years. GLAS+LDAC induced higher complete remission (CR) rates overall (16/88 vs 1/44; RR 8.12, 95% CI 1.05, 62.78, p=0.010) and across subgroups. Notably, fewer pts discontinued GLAS+LDAC due to AEs (38.1% and 46.3%) and there was no increased sepsis or bleeding vs LDAC alone despite longer glasdegib treatment. With GLAS+LDAC, SMO-inhibitor-associated AEs included dysgeusia (25.0%), muscle spasms (22.6%) and alopecia (10.7%), with only 1 pt discontinuing due to dysgeusia.


Consistent with primary analyses, GLAS+LDAC continued to have an acceptable safety profile and improved OS vs LDAC alone. HRs were consistent across cytogenetic risk subgroups and support use of GLAS+LDAC in de novo and secondary AML.


Glasdegib LDAC combination demonstrates survival benefit across various subgroups (HR: 0.51)

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