Aug 25

LAG-3 Antagonists, TIM-3 Antagonists & OX40 Agonists – Pipeline Insights, 2015-A DelveInsight Report

DelveInsight, the leading market research and consulting company has added new report LAG-3 Antagonists, TIM-3 Antagonists & OX40 Agonists - Pipeline Insights, 2015 to its portfolio. DelveInsight has made strong presence in Oncology market with 100+ Reports on Oncology based Indications & Mechanism of Action (MOA).With this launch DelveInsight now has 700+ Reports on Indication Pipeline Insight. In addition to this our research expertise provides our clients with up to date information of market "till the date of order".

Immunotherapy target discovery remains one of the biggest challenges facing the field. The evaluation of this new Immune Checkpoint Target represents an opportunity to improve immune-based cancer therapies. Some of the companies are discovering and developing novel antibodies to target lymphocyte activation gene-3 (LAG-3) Antagonists, T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-3 (TIM-3) Antagonists and OX40 Agonists.

This Indication pipeline Insight Report provides client with details on LAG-3 Antagonists, TIM-3 Antagonists & OX40 Agonists drugs across the globe.

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • Prima BioMed is developing a lead LAG-3 pathway based product which is IMP321 Phase II.
  • Tesaro collaborated with Engot for developing Anti-TIM-3 Antibody is in preclinical Phase.
  • Roche/Genetech focused on development of OX40 agonist based product MOXR0916 is in Phase 1 with Xenova.
  • The report imparts information of 30+ products with 20+ different technologies  along with 25+ active company names.
  • R&D activities and technologies used along with the pipeline molecules in development.
  • Information related to collaborations, in-licensing and out-licensing deals.

Stages of development of pipeline molecules.

Therapeutic assessments by molecule types, route of administration, monotherapy and combination products.

DelveInsight’s LAG-3 Antagonists, TIM-3 Antagonists & OX40 Agonists reports will help companies to optimize their portfolio by analyzing the market and creating effective counter-strategies for collaborations and licensing deals. Apart from this the report on LAG-3 Antagonists, TIM-3 Antagonists & OX40 Agonists - Pipeline Insights will provide the technologies in use that will allow the Pharma manufacturers to attain high production at competitive pricing. In addition, reports will assuage companies to detect specific tumors, determine genetic predisposition and biological response to cancer therapy.

DelveInsight is offering the Report at a price of US 1,250 as a single user license, USD 2,500 as a site license and USD 4,000 as a Global/Enterprise License.

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