CheckMate 067 Results at ESMO 2020

Abstract No : Abstract: #1105P

Indication : Melanoma

Intervention : Nivolumab

Company : Bristol-Myers Squibb

Technology : PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitor


Regardless of the data source (OS or PFS), ranges of estimated proportions of LTSs did not overlap across the treatment arms. Based on OS analyses, ranges of estimated proportions of LTSs were 38–46% for NIVO, 49–54% for NIVO+IPI, and 16–26% for IPI. Based on PFS analyses, ranges were 29–33% for NIVO, 38–40% for NIVO+IPI, and 9–13% for IPI. As these ranges represent only a span of point estimates of LTSs across model choices, a formal statistical assessment of the significance of LTSs among the treatment arms would require a comparison of confidence intervals.


Mixture models adequately captured the survival plateaus in CheckMate 067 and suggested a higher proportion of LTSs with NIVO and NIVO+IPI than with IPI. These methods may be used in the indirect estimation of auxiliary outcomes, such as time to subsequent treatment and impact of subsequent treatments on LTSs.