IMpassion130 Results at ESMO 2020

Abstract No : Abstract: #LBA16

Indication : Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Intervention : Atezolizumab

Company : Roche

Technology : Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor (ICI)


As of 14 April 2020, 666/902 pts (73.8%) had died; median OS follow-up was 18.8 mo (IQR, 8.9-34.7 mo). 6% of pts in the A + nP arm and 2% in the P + nP arm remained on any treatment. OS data are in the Table. 460 A + nP arm pts and 430 P + nP arm pts were safety evaluable, of whom 8% and 3%, respectively, received nP for up to 24 mo. Similarly, 5% in the A + nP arm received nP for ≥ 24 mo (vs 1% in the P + nP arm). Respectively, 51% vs 43% had a G 3-4 AE; ≈ 1% per arm had a G 5 AE (no new G 5 AEs since last analysis; no patterns seen); 24% vs 19% had a serious AE, and 59% vs 42% had an AE of special interest (G 3-4 in 8% vs 5%). No confirmed or suspected COVID-19 AEs were reported. 19% in the A + nP arm and 8% in the P + nP arm had an AE leading to treatment discontinuation (most commonly due to neuropathy); in 18% and 8%, respectively, AEs led to nP discontinuation, and in 8% and 1%, AEs led to A or P discontinuation.


While OS differences for A + nP vs P + nP in the IMpassion130 ITT population were not statistically significant, precluding formal testing, clinically meaningful OS benefit was observed in PD-L1+ pts (7.5-mo median OS improvement). A + nP remained safe and tolerable with longer follow-up. Results from this final and mature OS analysis are consistent with prior interim analyses.