LIBRETTO-001 Results at ESMO 2020

Abstract No : Abstract 1922P

Indication : Thyroid Cancer

Company : Lilly & Co.

Technology : RET kinase Inhibitor


Data were available from the QLQ-C30 (n=192) and the mSTIDAT (n=123). Survey completion adherence was >85% at each scheduled visit. Mean QLQ-C30 baseline diarrhea was 40.1 (standard deviation, SD=38.2) and reduced by -23.2, -27.3, -27.9, -26.5, and -25.6 points at Cycles 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 respectively. At baseline, 99 (80.5%) reported having diarrhea on the mSTIDAT; the majority of whom reported it as moderate or severe (48.5% and 25.3%, respectively). 53.2% patients with baseline diarrhea reported having no diarrhea by Cycle 3 (42/79). Of the 37 (46.8%) who continued to report diarrhea, 70.3% (26/37) reported its severity as minimal. More than 80% of patients who reported diarrhea reported a reduction in diarrhea (n=81, 81.8%) during the treatment period.


Most patients with MTC had diarrhea with moderate to high severity at baseline. Sustained reduction in rate and severity of diarrhea were observed during treatment with selpercatinib. Patients continue to be enrolled to LIBRETTO-001.