AstraZeneca’s Triplet regimen (durvalumab + Olaparib + Bevacizumab) elicits excellent efficacy profile than doublet (olaparib plus durvalumab) in non gBRCA mutated (wild type), platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer

Prospective outlook of olaparib plus durvalumab with or without bevacizumab in Ovarian Cancer

Sep 08, 2022 | DelveInsight

Ovarian cancer treatment constitutes surgery, radiation therapy, chemo and chemo radiation as well. Platinum based chemotherapy are main stream treatment in the front-line therapy, where surgical resections could not be performed, to delay progression of the disease and maintain the patient’s quality of life with the intent of achieving complete remission. However, recurrence rates are high, and within three years of initial treatment ~50% patients experience recurrence. Stratification outlook of treatment therapies across the line are also not impressive, by and large care givers have to revolve around changing combination regimen mostly which is used  in  initial line of therapy.  High recurrence rates and limited treatment modalities have been clearly reflecting unmet need for novel, more efficacious options, which can fill therapeutic gaps and sustain remission especially in initial line of therapies.

AstraZeneca’s Triplet regimen elicit therapeutic response by collective inhibition of PD-1, PARP, and VEGF receptorsInterim efficacy outlook from MEDIOLA trial showed that the triplet regimen (durvalumab + Olaparib + Bevacizumab) elicited excellent efficacy results than doublet (olaparib plus durvalumab) in non gBRCA mutated (wild type), platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer patients.

So Far efficacy response of the triplet regimen (durvalumab + Olaparib + Bevacizumab) for Second line in non gBRCA mutated, platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer patients was significant, going forward it could be a new breakthrough for this patient segment.. Astra Zeneca is all set for a revelation during the conference. It will be interesting to watch the progressive outcome of triplet regimen (durvalumab + Olaparib + Bevacizumab) vs.   Doublet (olaparib plus durvalumab) regimen at ESMO 2022.

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