Desmoid Tumors Market
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Desmoid Tumors Market

Due to its similarity to the malignant (cancerous) tumour known as fibrosarcoma, desmoid tumour (DT) is also known as aggressive fibromatosis. Because it does not metastasize—or spread—to other bodily parts, it is regarded as benign. The cell that causes the desmoid tumour is the myofibroblast.

Desmoid Tumors Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM from 2019 to 2032

  • Total Incident Cases
  • Type-specific (Sporadic, Familial) Incident Cases
  • Gender-specific Incident Cases
  • Age-specific Incident Cases
  • Site-specific Incident Cases
  • Treatable Cases

Desmoid Tumors Market Drivers

  • No licensed therapy for Desmoid Tumor, which presents an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to enter the market
  • Market growth of Desmoid Tumors will be boosted by increased R&D and the anticipated introduction of new therapies

Desmoid Tumors Market Barriers

  • There are challenges in conducting rare cancer clinical trials due to issues surrounding clinical trial design, patient recruitment, and analysis
  • Lack of approved therapies poses a significant burden on Desmoid Tumors patients
  • Owing of its rarity, Desmoid Tumors poses research obstacles, and only a few attempts have been made to develop medications for the condition

Desmoid Tumors Emerging Drugs and Key Companies

  • Nirogacestat: SpringWorks Therapeutics
  • AL102: Ayala Therapeutics
  • Tegavivint: Iterion Therapeutics, and others