Hand Eczema
Hand Eczema Market

Hand Eczema Market Overview

Hand dermatitis, often known as hand eczema, is one of the most common types of eczema and one of the most common skin conditions worldwide. It mostly affects the palms, though it can also affect other parts of the hand. 

Hand Eczema Epidemiology Insights (2021)

The Total Hand Eczema prevalent cases in the 7MM were 63 million cases in 2021

Gender-specific Prevalent Cases of Hand Eczema in the US

  • Males - 11 million
  • Females - 15 million

Hand Eczema Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM from 2019 to 2032

  • Total Prevalent Cases of Hand Eczema
  • Type-Specific Cases of Hand Eczema
  • Gender-Specific Cases of Hand Eczema
  • Severity-Specific Cases of Hand Eczema
  • Subgroup-Specific Cases of Hand Eczema

Hand Eczema Market Insight

The Hand Eczema Market size in the 7MM was valued USD 11 billion in 2021

Hand Eczema Market Strengths

  • Development of disease-specific treatments and novel therapeutic drug classes such as
  • JAK inhibitors are likely to boost the market growth.

Hand Eczema Market Opportunities

  • The emerging drugs have a significant opportunity, as there are no disease-specific approved therapies for the treatment of hand eczema in the US.

Hand Eczema Emerging Drugs and Key Companies

  • Dupilumab: Regeneron/Sanofi
  • Delgocitinib: Leo Pharma/Japan Tobacco Inc.
  • Ruxolitinib cream: Incyte Corporation
  • ASN002 (Gusacitinib): Asana Biosciences, and others