Anti Cd38 Antibody Pipeline Insight

DelveInsight’s, “Anti-CD38 Antibody - Pipeline Insight, 2022,” report provides comprehensive insights about 13+ companies and 13+ pipeline drugs in Anti-CD38 Antibody pipeline landscape. It covers the pipeline drug profiles, including clinical and nonclinical stage products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule type. It further highlights the inactive pipeline products in this space. 

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Anti-CD38 Antibody Understanding

Anti-CD38 Antibody: Overview

CD38 is a small multifunctional glycoprotein (1) widely represented on lymphoid and myeloid lineages but absent from most mature resting lymphocytes. In many lymphoid tumors—including most cases of myeloma (2), many cases of AIDS-associated lymphoma (3), and many cases of post-transplant lymphoproliferations (4)—it is present on the cell surface in amounts which render it an attractive target for therapeutic antibody.

Function - CD38 is also known to have important enzymatic functions, acting as a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) degrading enzyme (NADase) in several tissues. Specifically, it breaks down NAD into nicotinamide and adenosine diphosphate ribose (ADPR) or, to a lesser extent, cyclic ADPR (cADPR). In this manner, CD38 regulates the homeostasis of NAD, a crucial cofactor in cell signaling and metabolism, while controlling the availability of its metabolites. ADPR acts as a second messenger in calcium signaling and can be further metabolized into the nucleoside adenosine.

Anti-CD38 Antibody - During the past years, therapies targeting CD38, a protein highly expressed on the surface of plasma cells, have helped fuel the rapidly growing treatment options for patients with multiple myeloma (MM). Investigators are seeking to build on that success by expanding uses for existing drugs and exploring novel strategies aimed at CD38 activity in MM.

Report Highlights

The companies and academics are working to assess challenges and seek opportunities that could influence Anti-CD38 Antibody R&D. The therapies under development are focused on novel approaches for Anti-CD38 Antibody.

Anti-CD38 Antibody Emerging Drugs Chapters

This segment of the Anti-CD38 Antibody report encloses its detailed analysis of various drugs in different stages of clinical development, including phase III, II, I, preclinical and Discovery. It also helps to understand clinical trial details, expressive pharmacological action, agreements and collaborations, and the latest news and press releases.

Anti-CD38 Antibody Emerging Drugs

Felzartamab (MOR202): MorphoSys

Felzartamab (MOR202) is a therapeutic human monoclonal antibody derived from MorphoSys’ HuCAL antibody library and directed against CD38. Felzartamab is currently under clinical investigation in patients with anti-PLA2R antibody-positive membranous nephropathy, a kidney specific autoimmune disease, and in patients with multiple myeloma. The drug is currently in phase 3 of clinical trials for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

STI-6129: Sorrento Therapeutics

STI-6129 is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) composed of a fully human monoclonal Anti-CD38 Antibody covalently bound by a proprietary chemical linker to a duostatin tubulin inhibitor. STI-6129 has demonstrated an improved therapeutic index in animal models, as compared to traditional non-selective conjugates. STI-6129 has the potential for being a first-line treatment for amyloidosis as well as second line in those patients who have developed daratumumab resistance, an anti-CD38 mAb alone. STI-6129 binds to different epitopes than daratumumab and the addition of the targeted delivery of the duostatin can potentially manage those patients who have become refractory to such treatments.

Further product details are provided in the report……..

Anti-CD38 Antibody: Therapeutic Assessment

This segment of the report provides insights about the different Anti-CD38 Antibody drugs segregated based on following parameters that define the scope of the report, such as:

  • Major Players working on Anti-CD38 Antibody

There are approx. 13+ key companies which are developing the Anti-CD38 Antibody. The companies which have their Anti-CD38 Antibody drug candidates in the most advanced stage, i.e. preregistration include, Amgen.


DelveInsight’s report covers around 13+ products under different phases of clinical development like

  • Late-stage products (Phase III and
  • Mid-stage products (Phase II and
  • Early-stage products (Phase I/II and Phase I) along with the details of
  • Pre-clinical and Discovery stage candidates
  • Discontinued & Inactive candidates
  • Route of Administration

Anti-CD38 Antibody pipeline report provides the therapeutic assessment of the pipeline drugs by the Route of Administration. Products have been categorized under various ROAs such as

  • Infusion
  • Intradermal
  • Intramuscular
  • Intranasal
  • Intravaginal
  • Oral
  • Parenteral
  • Subcutaneous
  • Topical.
  • Molecule Type

Products have been categorized under various Molecule types such as

  • Vaccines
  • Monoclonal Antibody
  • Peptides
  • Polymer
  • Small molecule
  • Product Type

Drugs have been categorized under various product types like Mono, Combination and Mono/Combination.

Anti-CD38 Antibody: Pipeline Development Activities

The report provides insights into different therapeutic candidates in phase II, I, preclinical and discovery stage. It also analyses Anti-CD38 Antibody therapeutic drugs key players involved in developing key drugs.

Pipeline Development Activities

The report covers the detailed information of collaborations, acquisition and merger, licensing along with a thorough therapeutic assessment of emerging Anti-CD38 Antibody drugs.

Anti-CD38 Antibody Report Insights

  • Anti-CD38 Antibody Pipeline Analysis
  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Unmet Needs
  • Impact of Drugs

Anti-CD38 Antibody Report Assessment

  • Pipeline Product Profiles
  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Pipeline Assessment
  • Inactive drugs assessment
  • Unmet Needs

Key Questions

Current Scenario and Emerging Therapies:

  • How many companies are developing Anti-CD38 Antibody drugs?
  • How many Anti-CD38 Antibody drugs are developed by each company?
  • How many emerging drugs are in mid-stage, and late-stage of development for Anti-CD38 Antibody?
  • What are the key collaborations (Industry–Industry, Industry–Academia), Mergers and acquisitions, licensing activities related to the Anti-CD38 Antibody therapeutics?
  • What are the recent trends, drug types and novel technologies developed to overcome the limitation of existing therapies?
  • What are the clinical studies going on for Anti-CD38 Antibody and their status?
  • What are the key designations that have been granted to the emerging drugs?


Executive Summary

Anti-CD38 Antibody: Overview

  • Structure
  • Mechanism of Action 

Pipeline Therapeutics

  • Comparative Analysis

Therapeutic Assessment

  • Assessment by Product Type
  • Assessment by Stage and Product Type
  • Assessment by Route of Administration
  • Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration
  • Assessment by Molecule Type
  • Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type 

Anti-CD38 Antibody – DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective

In-depth Commercial Assessment

  • Anti-CD38 Antibody companies’ collaborations, Licensing, Acquisition -Deal Value Trends

Anti-CD38 Antibody Collaboration Deals

  • Company-Company Collaborations (Licensing / Partnering) Analysis
  • Company-University Collaborations (Licensing / Partnering) Analysis

Late Stage Products (Phase III) 

  • Comparative Analysis

Felzartamab (MOR202): MorphoSys

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development 
  • Product Development Activities 

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Mid Stage Products (Phase II) 

  • Comparative Analysis

Drug name: Company name

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development 
  • Product Development Activities 

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Early Stage Products (Phase I) 

  • Comparative Analysis

STI-6129: Sorrento Therapeutics

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development 
  • Product Development Activities 

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Pre-clinical and Discovery Stage Products

  • Comparative Analysis

Ab 68: Teneobio

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development 
  • Product Development Activities 

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Inactive Products

  • Comparative Analysis

Anti-CD38 Antibody Key Companies

Anti-CD38 Antibody Key Products

Anti-CD38 Antibody- Unmet Needs

Anti-CD38 Antibody- Market Drivers and Barriers

Anti-CD38 Antibody- Future Perspectives and Conclusion

Anti-CD38 Antibody Analyst Views

Anti-CD38 Antibody Key Companies


List of Table

Table 1: Total Products for Anti-CD38 Antibody

Table 2: Late Stage Products

Table 3: Mid Stage Products

Table 4: Early Stage Products

Table 5: Pre-clinical & Discovery Stage Products

Table 6: Assessment by Product Type

Table 7: Assessment by Stage and Product Type

Table 8: Assessment by Route of Administration

Table 9: Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration

Table 10: Assessment by Molecule Type

Table 11: Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type

Table 12: Inactive Products

List of Figures

Figure 1: Total Products for Anti-CD38 Antibody

Figure 2: Late Stage Products

Figure 3: Mid Stage Products

Figure 4: Early Stage Products

Figure 5: Preclinical and Discovery Stage Products

Figure 6: Assessment by Product Type

Figure 7: Assessment by Stage and Product Type

Figure 8: Assessment by Route of Administration

Figure 9: Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration

Figure 10: Assessment by Molecule Type

Figure 11: Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type

Figure 12: Inactive Products    

• MorphoSys

• CASI Pharmaceuticals

• TeneoFour

• Sorrento Therapeutics

• Sanofi

• Janssen Biotech

• Takeda

• Xencor

• Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

• Janssen

• Centrose

• Genmab

• Henlius

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