Influenza Pipeline Insight

DelveInsight’s, “Influenza - Pipeline Insight, 2022,” report provides comprehensive insights about 120+ companies and 120+ pipeline drugs in Influenza pipeline landscape. It covers the pipeline drug profiles, including clinical and nonclinical stage products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule type. It further highlights the inactive pipeline products in this space. 

Geography Covered

  • Global coverage

Influenza Understanding

Influenza: Overview

Influenza, one of the most common infectious diseases, is a highly contagious airborne disease that occurs in seasonal epidemics and manifests as an acute febrile illness with variable degrees of systemic symptoms, ranging from mild fatigue to respiratory failure and death. Influenza causes significant loss of workdays, human suffering, and mortality. The CDC documented that seasonal influenza was responsible for 24,000 to 62,000 deaths during the 2019-2020 season. Information used to generate influenza in-season burden estimates were too low during the 2020-2021 season to provide an estimate. Mortality was highest in infants and elderly persons. Influenza traditionally has been diagnosed on the basis of clinical criteria, but rapid diagnostic tests, which have a high degree of specificity but only moderate sensitivity, are becoming more widely used. The gold standard for diagnosing influenza A and B is a viral culture of nasopharyngeal samples or throat samples. In elderly or high-risk patients with pulmonary symptoms, perform chest radiography to exclude pneumonia. Prevention of influenza is the most effective management strategy. Influenza A and B vaccine is administered each year before flu season. The CDC analyzes the vaccine subtypes each year and makes any necessary changes for the coming season on the basis of worldwide trends. Traditionally, the vaccine was trivalent (ie, designed to provide protection against three viral subtypes, generally an A-H1, an A-H3, and a B). The first quadrivalent vaccines, which provide coverage against an additional influenza B subtype, were approved in 2012 and were made available for the 2013-2014 flu season. For the 2021-2022 influenza season, all flu vaccines are expected to be quadrivalent.


"Influenza - Pipeline Insight, 2022" report by DelveInsight outlays comprehensive insights of present scenario and growth prospects across the indication. A detailed picture of the Influenza pipeline landscape is provided which includes the disease overview and Influenza treatment guidelines. The assessment part of the report embraces, in depth Influenza commercial assessment and clinical assessment of the pipeline products under development. In the report, detailed description of the drug is given which includes mechanism of action of the drug, clinical studies, NDA approvals (if any), and product development activities comprising the technology, Influenza collaborations, licensing, mergers and acquisition, funding, designations and other product related details.

Report Highlights

  • A better understanding of disease pathogenesis contributing to the development of novel therapeutics for Influenza.   
  • In the coming years, the Influenza market is set to change due to the rising awareness of the disease, and incremental healthcare spending across the world; which would expand the size of the market to enable the drug manufacturers to penetrate more into the market.
  • The companies and academics that are working to assess challenges and seek opportunities that could influence Influenza R&D. The therapies under development are focused on novel approaches to treat/improve the disease condition.
  • A detailed portfolio of major pharma players who are involved in fueling the Influenza treatment market. Several potential therapies for Influenza are under investigation. With the expected launch of these emerging therapies, it is expected that there will be a significant impact on the Influenza market size in the coming years. 
  • Our in-depth analysis of the pipeline assets (in early-stage, mid-stage and late stage of development for the treatment of Influenza) includes therapeutic assessment and comparative analysis. This will support the clients in the decision-making process regarding their therapeutic portfolio by identifying the overall scenario of the research and development activities.

Influenza Emerging Drugs Chapters

This segment of the Influenza report encloses its detailed analysis of various drugs in different stages of clinical development, including phase II, I, preclinical and Discovery. It also helps to understand clinical trial details, expressive pharmacological action, agreements and collaborations, and the latest news and press releases.


Influenza Emerging Drugs


mRNA-1010: Moderna

mRNA-1010 is a vaccine candidate that encodes for hemagglutinin (HA) glycoproteins of the four influenza strains recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the prevention of influenza, including influenza A/H1N1, A/H3N2, and influenza B/Yamagata- and B/Victoria-lineages. HA is a major influenza surface glycoprotein that is considered an important target to generate broad protection against influenza and is the primary target of currently available influenza vaccines. Currently, it is in Phase III stage of clinical trial evaluation to treat patients suffering from Seasonal Influenza.


SAB-176: SAB Biotherapeutics

SAB-176 is a quadrivalent broadly neutralizing fully-human polyclonal antibody therapeutic candidate that leverages the human biological immune response in development for the treatment of hospitalized patients with severe seasonal influenza. The novel specifically targeted therapeutic generated from the company’s proprietary technology, the DiversitAb™ platform, is designed to specifically bind to Type A and Type B influenza viruses. Pre-clinical data suggests that SAB-176 offers potentially broad protection against diverse influenza strains. A highly-potent, polyclonal antibody therapy for severe seasonal influenza, could potentially treat severely ill patients and provide protective antibodies for high-risk populations, such as the elderly and immune compromised.


INNA-051: ENA Respiratory Pty Ltd

INNA-051 is a broad-spectrum antiviral immunomodulatory nasal spray under clinical development for pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis of respiratory viral infections in populations at risk of severe complications. Based on its mechanism of action and intended route of administration, INNA-051 has the potential to address several viral respiratory pathogens across multiple patient populations with a variety of co-morbid conditions. INNA-051 antiviral efficacy is currently evaluated in a Phase 2a influenza-challenge conducted in healthy volunteers.


CODA-VAX H1N1: Codagenix

Codagenix has utilized a design platform to construct a live-attenuated, universal flu vaccine, CodaVax™-H1N1. The vaccine enables presentation of conserved antigens of the wild-type virus, demonstrating universal potential in primate models and thus the potential to provide multi-season protection when developed into its final quadrivalent formulation. Currently, it is being evaluated in Phase I stage of clinical trial evaluation to treat Influenza virus infections.


ALVR106: AlloVir

ALVR106 is an allogeneic, off-the-shelf, multi-virus specific VST therapy candidate designed to target diseases caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza, parainfluenza virus (PIV), and human metapneumovirus (hMPV). In vitro data demonstrates that ALVR106 reactive cells have antiviral activity against each of the targeted viruses with minimal or no activity against non-virus-infected cells. This preclinical data supports the potential for antiviral benefit and safety of ALVR106 when administered to patients.

Further product details are provided in the report……..

Influenza: Therapeutic Assessment

This segment of the report provides insights about the different Influenza drugs segregated based on following parameters that define the scope of the report, such as:


Major Players in Influenza

There are approx. 120+ key companies which are developing the therapies for Influenza. The companies which have their Influenza drug candidates in the most advanced stage, i.e. phase III include, Moderna.



DelveInsight’s report covers around 120+ products under different phases of clinical development like

  • Late stage products (Phase III)
  • Mid-stage products (Phase II)
  • Early-stage product (Phase I) along with the details of
  • Pre-clinical and Discovery stage candidates
  • Discontinued & Inactive candidates


Route of Administration

Influenza pipeline report provides the therapeutic assessment of the pipeline drugs by the Route of Administration. Products have been categorized under various ROAs such as

  • Inhalation
  • Inhalation/Intravenous/Oral
  • Intranasal
  • Intravenous
  • Intravenous/ Subcutaneous
  • NA
  • Oral
  • Oral/intranasal/subcutaneous
  • Parenteral
  • Subcutaneous


Molecule Type

Products have been categorized under various Molecule types such as

  • Antibody
  • Antisense oligonucleotides
  • Immunotherapy
  • Monoclonal antibody
  • Peptides
  • Protein
  • Recombinant protein
  • Small molecule
  • Stem Cell
  • Vaccine


Product Type

Drugs have been categorized under various product types like Mono, Combination and Mono/Combination.

Influenza: Pipeline Development Activities

The report provides insights into different therapeutic candidates in phase II, I, preclinical and discovery stage. It also analyses Influenza therapeutic drugs key players involved in developing key drugs.


Pipeline Development Activities

The report covers the detailed information of collaborations, acquisition and merger, licensing along with a thorough therapeutic assessment of emerging Influenza drugs.

Influenza Report Insights

  • Influenza Pipeline Analysis
  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Unmet Needs
  • Impact of Drugs

Influenza Report Assessment

  • Pipeline Product Profiles
  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Pipeline Assessment
  • Inactive drugs assessment
  • Unmet Needs

Key Questions

Current Treatment Scenario and Emerging Therapies:

  • How many companies are developing Influenza drugs?
  • How many Influenza drugs are developed by each company?
  • How many emerging drugs are in mid-stage, and late-stage of development for the treatment of Influenza?
  • What are the key collaborations (Industry–Industry, Industry–Academia), Mergers and acquisitions, licensing activities related to the Influenza therapeutics?
  • What are the recent trends, drug types and novel technologies developed to overcome the limitation of existing therapies?
  • What are the clinical studies going on for Influenza and their status?
  • What are the key designations that have been granted to the emerging drugs?


Executive Summary

Influenza: Overview

  • Causes
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Disease Management

Pipeline Therapeutics

  • Comparative Analysis

Therapeutic Assessment

  • Assessment by Product Type
  • Assessment by Stage and Product Type
  • Assessment by Route of Administration
  • Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration
  • Assessment by Molecule Type
  • Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type

Influenza – DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective

Late Stage Products (Phase III)

  • Comparative Analysis

mRNA-1010: Moderna

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development
  • Product Development Activities

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Mid Stage Products (Phase II)

  • Comparative Analysis

INNA-051: ENA Respiratory Pty Ltd

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development
  • Product Development Activities

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Early Stage Products (Phase I)

  • Comparative Analysis

CODA-VAX H1N1: Codagenix

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development
  • Product Development Activities

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Preclinical and Discovery Stage Products

  • Comparative Analysis

Drug name: Company name

  • Product Description
  • Research and Development
  • Product Development Activities

Drug profiles in the detailed report…..

Inactive Products

  • Comparative Analysis

Influenza Key Companies

Influenza Key Products

Influenza- Unmet Needs

Influenza- Market Drivers and Barriers

Influenza- Future Perspectives and Conclusion

Influenza Analyst Views

Influenza Key Companies


List of Table

Table 1: Total Products for Influenza

Table 2: Late Stage Products

Table 3: Mid Stage Products

Table 4: Early Stage Products

Table 5: Pre-clinical & Discovery Stage Products

Table 6: Assessment by Product Type

Table 7: Assessment by Stage and Product Type

Table 8: Assessment by Route of Administration

Table 9: Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration

Table 10: Assessment by Molecule Type

Table 11: Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type                                              

Table 12: Inactive Products

List of Figures

Figure 1: Total Products for Influenza

Figure 2: Late Stage Products                             

Figure 3: Mid Stage Products

Figure 4: Early Stage Products

Figure 5: Preclinical and Discovery Stage Products

Figure 6: Assessment by Product Type                                                                       

Figure 7: Assessment by Stage and Product Type

Figure 8: Assessment by Route of Administration

Figure 9: Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration

Figure 10: Assessment by Molecule Type

Figure 11: Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type

Figure 12: Inactive Products

• Moderna
• SAB Biotherapeutics
• ENA Respiratory Pty Ltd
• Codagenix
• AlloVir
• Osivax
• CureVac AG
• GlaxoSmithKline
• Cocrystal Pharma Inc
• Viriom
• Emergent BioSolutions
• Pfizer
• Jiangxi Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
• Guangdong Raynovent Biotech Co., Ltd
• FluGen Inc
• BlueWillow Biologics
• AVM Biotechnology LLC
• Ansun Biopharma, Inc.
• Guangzhou Henovcom Bioscience
• Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., Ltd.
• Emergex Vaccines
• Vir Biotechnology
• CSL Limited
• Novavax
• Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation
• Poolbeg Pharma
• Avalia Immunotherapies
• Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.
• Clover Biopharmaceuticals
• Airway Therapeutics, Inc.
• PrEP Biopharm
• Ansun Biopharma
• Cidara Therapeutics, Inc.


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