Laparoscopic Devices Pipeline Insight

DelveInsight’s, “Laparoscopic Devices –Pipeline Insight and Competitive Landscape, 2022,” report provides comprehensive insights about 20+ companies and 20+ pipeline devices in Laparoscopic Devices pipeline landscape. The key factors driving the growth of the pipeline are increasing acceptance of minimally invasive surgery (MIS), an increasing number of gynecology and urology operations with new advances in surgical techniques. In recent years, the increased incidence of urological disorders has become the leading cause that needs laparoscopic instruments. This report provides a detailed study of the emerging Laparoscopic Devices along with competitive landscape to help better understand the emerging Laparoscopic Devices.

Geography Covered

  • Global coverage

Laparoscopic Devices Overview

Laparoscopic Devices: Understanding

The laparoscopy technique uses numerous devices to view the abdominal organs, such as a laparoscope. It is a long thin tube with a high-intensity light on the front side and a high-resolution camera. Laparoscopic surgery uses long pencil tools that can reach the abdominal wall by small cuts and are obtained from durable materials made of high-quality stainless steel. During laparoscopic procedures, different instruments such as needle driver for suturing, trocar, bowel grasper and surgical mesh are used. Compared to conventional surgery, laparoscopy devices have many benefits because it causes minimal injury or cutting, and patients is discharged of the hospital faster. In addition to this since the size of the incision made is smaller than the wide incision made for open surgery, the chance of bleeding during laparoscopic surgery is less.


In order to reduce postoperative pain and recovery times, laparoscopic devices are considerably introduced and have become the most common way for many abdominal surgeries. Laparoscopy instruments continue to play an important role in both conventional open surgery and traditional laparoscopic procedures as the ideal alternative. In addition, the growing prevalence of anatomical health disorders is also complementing the demand for equipment for laparoscopy.


In certain cases, however the possibility of significant complications for open and laparoscopic approaches may be similar and may prove to be a constraining factor for the growth of this industry.

Laparoscopic Devices Competitive Assessment

This segment of the Laparoscopic Devices report encloses its detailed analysis of various pipeline devices which include product description, licensing and collaboration details and other developmental activities including pipeline territories, regulatory paths and estimated approval dates and the latest news and press releases. The report also provides list of major players involved in the pipeline product development.


By Product Type

Laparoscopic Devices can divided based on Types – Insufflation devices, Laparoscope, Robotics-Assisted laparoscopic devices, Trocar/Access devices and Others- are covered in this report.


By Application

Laparoscopic Devices are divided based on application – General surgery, Gynecological surgery, Spinal surgery, Bariatric surgery and others.


Major Players in Laparoscopic Devices

There are approx. 20+ key companies which are developing the products for Laparoscopic Devices.


Trocar Placement Assist Device (TPAD): TauTona Group

The device is used for placing a primary trocar, during laparoscopic surgery. The study is estimated to be complete by July 2021.


Su2ura Approximation Device: Anchora Medical

The Su2ura Approximation Device is indicated for tissue approximation in endoscopic and open surgery for the placement of interrupted or running stitches in soft tissue such as hernia repair. This Device is a manual tissue approximation device comprised of an ergonomic Handle and Anchors threaded with suture. The study is estimated to be complete by December 2021.

Further product details are provided in the report……..

Laparoscopic Devices Competitive Benchmarking

This segment of the reports provides analysis of the pipeline report to give a clear understanding of the comparative analysis.

The analysis is based on

  • Brand Positioning of Leading companies
  • Application
  • Industry Collaborations

Laparoscopic Devices: Commercialization Activity

This segment of the report provides a detailed list of any commercial activity in the field of Laparoscopic Devices ranging from collaboration, mergers and acquisition, recent breakthrough among others.

Development Activities

In October 2020, Genesis Innovation Group's cultivate(MD) Capital Fund II LP, a fund focused on investments into early stage healthcare companies with innovative technologies, announces that one of their portfolio companies, Virtual Incision Corporation (VIC), a medical device company pioneering a first-of-its-kind miniaturized surgical platform, has received an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the company's MIRA (""miniaturized in vivo robotic assistant"") Platform. The MIRA Surgical Platform features a small, self-contained surgical device that is inserted through a single midline umbilical incision in the patient's abdomen. Virtual Incision's technology is designed to enable complex multi-quadrant abdominal surgeries utilizing existing minimally invasive tools and techniques familiar to surgeons, and does not require a dedicated operating room or specialized infrastructure. Because of its small size, the device is expected to offer a cost effective and accessible option for laparoscopic surgery.

Further commercial activities are provided in the report……..

Laparoscopic Devices: Reimbursement 


Medicare pays for Laparoscopic Devices but any new innovations have to fit within the operating margins imposed by third-party payers on hospitals.

Further information is provided in the report……..

Report Highlights

  • Extensive coverage of the Laparoscopic Devices under development
  • The report reviews details of major pipeline products which includes, product description, licensing and collaboration details and other developmental activities
  • The report reviews the major players involved in the development of Laparoscopic Devices and list all their pipeline projects
  • The coverage of pipeline products based on various stages of development ranging from Early Development to Approved / Issued stage
  • The report provides key clinical trial data of ongoing trials specific to pipeline products
  • Recent developments in the segment / industry
  • The report consists of in depth analysis of pipeline products based on various parameters

Laparoscopic Devices Report Insights

  • Laparoscopic Devices - Pipeline Analysis
  • Laparoscopic Devices - Unmet Need
  • Laparoscopic Devices - Market Dynamics
  • Laparoscopic Devices - Future Perspectives and Conclusion
  • Laparoscopic Devices - Analyst Views

Key Questions

  • What are significant companies in this segment, their information, analysis, and insights to improve R&D strategies?
  • How to identify emerging players with potentially strong product portfolio and create effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage?
  • What are important and diverse types of Laparoscopic Devices under development?
  • What are market-entry and market expansion strategies in Laparoscopic Devices?
  • What are some of the mergers and acquisitions and to identify major players with the most promising pipeline?
  • What is in-depth analysis of the product’s current stage of development, territory and estimated launch date?

1. Key Insights

2. Laparoscopic Devices: Snapshot

3. Laparoscopic Devices

3.1. Product Overview

3.2. Regulatory Approvals based on Class

3.3. Indications

3.4. Mechanism

4. Laparoscopic Devices: Competitive Assessment

4.1. Assessment by Product Type

4.2. Assessment by Application

4.2.1. General surgery

4.2.2. Gynecological surgery

4.2.3. Spinal surgery

4.2.4. Bariatric surgery

4.2.5. Others

4.3. Assessment by Company

4.3.1. TauTona Group Trocar Placement Assist Device (TPAD): TauTona Group Product Information Research and Development Patent Details Regulatory Milestone

4.3.2. Anchora Medical Su2ura Approximation Device: Anchora Medical Product Information Research and Development Patent Details Regulatory Milestone

*More Companies and products would be added in the final report

5. Laparoscopic Devices: Competitive Benchmarking : By Company

5.1. Brand Positioning of Leading companies

5.2. Analysis based on Application

5.3. Analysis based on Industry Collaborations

6. Laparoscopic Devices – Commercialization Activity

6.1. Collaboration

6.2. Licensing

6.3. Merger and Acquisition

6.4. Recent Breakthroughs

6.5. Literature Studies

6.6. KOL Views

7. Laparoscopic Devices: Regulatory

7.1. US

7.2. Europe

7.3. Japan

8. Laparoscopic Devices: Reimbursement

8.1. Case Study - US

8.2. Case Study - Europe

8.3. Case Study –Japan

9. Laparoscopic Devices : Market Dynamics

9.1. Unmet Needs

9.2. Market Drivers

9.3. Market Barriers

10. DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective

10.1. PEST Analysis

10.2. Future Growth Perspectives

11. Conclusion

12. Appendix 

12.1. Research Methodology

12.1.1. Coverage

12.1.2. Secondary Research

13. Bibliography

14. DelveInsight Capabilities

15. Disclaimer

16. About DelveInsight

List of Table

Table 1: Total Pipeline Products

Table 2: Pipeline Products by Type

Table 3: Pipeline Products by Application

Table 4: List of Companies

Table 5: TauTona Group Pipeline Products & Ongoing Clinical Trials Overview

Table 6: Trocar Placement Assist Device (TPAD) – Product Status

Table 7: Trocar Placement Assist Device (TPAD) – Product Description

Table 8: Anchora Medical Pipeline Products & Ongoing Clinical Trials Overview

Table 9: Su2ura Approximation Device – Product Status

Table 10: Su2ura Approximation Device – Product Description

List of Figures

Figure 1: List of Pipeline Products

Figure 2: Ongoing Clinical Trial

Figure 3: Ongoing Clinical Trial Pipeline Products by Type

Figure 4: Ongoing Clinical Trial Pipeline Products by Application

• Stryker

• Ethicon

• Applied Medical

• Johnson & Johnson

• Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG

• Boston Scientific Corporation

• Medtronic PLC

• Olympus Corporation

• Conmed Corporation

• Mediflex Surgical Products

• Microline Surgical


• Timesco Healthcare Ltd.

• Maxer Endoscopy GmbH

• Péters Surgical

• Ackermann Instrumente GmbH

• Hospiinz

• Surgical Innovations

• B. Braun Melsungen AG

• Smith & Nephew


• Richard Wolf GmbH

• Medline Industries, Inc.

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