Competitive Benchmarking

Expanding Into Asia-Pacific: Life sciences opportunities and strategies for success
Objective :

Assessment of pipeline activities around client’s area of interest to support strategic decisions

Problem Statement:

A large pharmaceutical client based in Europe involved DelveInsight to identify patient advocacy strategies of companies operating in the Pharma sector of the European Union, to benchmark their efforts against their competitors. The client was interested in assessing the types of projects usually undertaken by companies as a part of their CSR portfolio, the funding process, the personnel deployed in this arena, and the level of interest companies have in conducting such programs. They also wished to identify the best patient advocacy practices in the European region from an educational and strategic perspective to improve their CSR approach.

Our Methodology:
  • Assess disease arenas with best Patient Advocacy practices
  • Understand and detail processes needed to conduct successful advocacy campaigns
  • List industry’s best practices in Patient Advocacy
  • Benchmark client’s processes against the industry’s best practices
  • Assessment of the Patient Advocacy programs
  • Descriptive Outlook on Competitors’ patient-based CSR initiatives
  • Details of the support provided by the companies for patient advocacy programs.
  • Provision of strategies required for successful administration of patient advocacy programs

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