Healthcare Market and consulting case studies

To the Infinity and Beyond Analysis
Out-licensing opportunity study

Out-Licensing Opportunity

17 Products

  • Europe Based
  • Out-Licensing Opportunity Analysis
  • Small Cap Pharmaceutical Company
  • Neonatal Mesenchymal Stem Cell portfolio

A small pharmaceutical client based at Sweden, Europe with capabilities around a neonatal mesenchymal cells involved DelveInsight to identify a licensing partner for their stem cells product, from across the globe. They wished to identify a potential list of companies, to become a fit for their neonatal high quality MSCs and can prove to be a good business partner as a licensee for their proprietary “API” of the stem cell therapy domain.

In-licensing opportunity study

In-Licensing Opportunity

20 Products

  • USA Based
  • Large Drug Delivery Pharmaceutical Company
  • dMTS based Drug Delivery Asset
  • In-Licensing Opportunity Analysis

A large client based in USA, involved in drug delivery devices, with effective marketing and commercialization presence across the globe, wanted to in-license potential dMTS based drug delivery asset from companies involved in microneedle technology research for delivering therapeutic products.

Go to market strategy study

Go-To-Market Strategy

1 Products

  • USA Based
  • Medium Pharmaceutical Company
  • Bio-similar focused Portfolio
  • Europe GTM Strategies

A medium pharmaceutical client based in United States with biosimilar commercial capabilities involved DelveInsight to identify commercial processes and strategies to launch their biosimilar in Europe through Competitive Assessment of their EU based competitors in the same area of interest. They wished to identify manufacturing sites, logistic operations, distribution network, salesforce assessment and their sales targets.

Launch Landscape Analysis study

Launch-Landscape Analysis

17 Products

  • Germany Based
  • Medium Pharmaceutical Company
  • Clinical Development for PID
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

A mid pharma client based in Germany, involved in late-stage development of a therapy for PID, with effective marketing and commercialization presence in Europe, wanted to assess the launch readiness of competitors involved in the same arena for strategic positioning of their own product.

Product Assessment study

Product Assessment

20 Products

  • USA Based
  • Company
  • API domain
  • Large Pharmaceutical

A large pharma client was working to develop their cyclophosphamide API and FD, and was interested to assess competitive products in the same domain and area to provide benchmarking of their asset in comparison to their competitors.

Asset Prioritization study

Asset Prioritization

1 Products

  • Japan Based
  • Medium Pharmaceutical Company
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Asset Prioritization

A mid-sized pharma client was working to develop their asset portfolio, and was interested to assess best possible asset for atrial fibrillation for future development and licensing needs The client requested evidence-based priorities in assets and products for Phase II development in atrial fibrillation, through possible licensing collaborations.

Partner Identification study

Partner Identification

1 Products

  • US-based
  • A medium pharmaceutical firm
  • Oncology portfolio
  • Partner Identification analysis

A medium pharmaceutical client based in the US, with innovative formulations to treat Head and Neck Cancer, involved DelveInsight to identify a co-development partner, for the US and European region.

Regulatory Analysis study

Regulatory Analysis

1 Products

  • Europe based
  • Large pharmaceutical
  • Dermatology-focused
  • Regulatory approvals and analysis

A large client based in Europe, involved in Dermatology arena with a market-ready product, aimed to assess the Indian Regulatory Scenario to successfully file the product in CDSCO. They wished to identify the guidelines of approval, assess the documentation needed in India, and need for conducting clinical trials and post-market surveillance processes.

Portfolio Management study

Portfolio Management

1 Products

  • Small pharmaceutical firm
  • Infectious Disease portfolio
  • Assessing and managing company portfolio

A small-Pharma client based in Israel involved DelveInsight to manage their portfolio of candidates indicated for various infectious diseases. The client provided DelveInsight with the task of assessing the best strategic direction for each asset through extensive market research analysis, for development for US and EU regions.

Competitive Intelligence study

Competitive Intelligence

1 Products

  • Europe based
  • Large pharmaceutical company
  • Monitoring Competitive landscape

A large client based in Europe involved DelveInsight to assist in assessing counter-intelligence strategies for them, after evaluation of their level of leakiness among middle and high-level employees.

R&D Analysis study

R&D Analysis

1 Products

  • Mid-pharma company
  • Literature Analysis
  • R&D analysis

A mid-Pharma client based in India involved DelveInsight to assist in gathering and analyzing congress abstracts and literature review from various congresses for Parkinson’s disease. DelveInsight was involved to support the assessment of the R&D landscape through via secondary and primary research to form intelligent research outcomes.

Mergers and Acquisitions study

Mergers and Acquisitions

1 Products

  • Large pharmaceutical company
  • Assessing potential risks
  • Mergers and acquisitions possibilities

A large medical device client, based in the United States with capabilities in drug delivery medical devices, involved DelveInsight to assess the potential risks and benefits of a merger being evaluated to further the goal of becoming market leaders in the niche area of drug delivery through novel technology.

Competitive Benchmarking study

Competitive Benchmarking

1 Products

  • Europe based
  • Large pharma company
  • Optimized business solutions
  • Competitive landscape

A large pharmaceutical client based in Europe involved DelveInsight to identify patient advocacy strategies of companies operating in the Pharma sector of the European Union, to benchmark their efforts against their competitors.

Pipeline Assessment study

Pipeline Assessment

1 Products

  • US based
  • Medium-pharma firm
  • Facilitating strategic decisions
  • Managing pipeline products

A medium pharmaceutical client based in the United States with capabilities in cancer immunotherapy domain involved DelveInsight to analyze current pipeline activity of T-Cell Receptor (TCR) products for cancer treatment. They wished to identify currently active T-Cell Receptor (TCR) products in research and development for cancer treatment.

Due Diligence study

Due Diligence

1 Products

  • Germany-based
  • Mid-pharma company
  • Possible benefits and risks
  • Market analysis

A medium pharmaceutical client with capabilities in novel formulations was involved in a deal with a manufacturing company for commercial-scale manufacturing of the client’s therapies. The client involved DelveInsight to conduct a comprehensive appraisal of the partner’s business, prior to the closing of the deal between the two parties.