Competitive Intelligence

Expanding Into Asia-Pacific: Life sciences opportunities and strategies for success
Objective :

Assessment of leakiness of the client for the application of strategic counter-CI approaches

Problem Statement:

A large client based in Europe involved DelveInsight to assist in assessing counter-intelligence strategies for them, after evaluation of their level of leakiness among middle and high-level employees. The client was keen to instill a healthy knowledge of Competitive Intelligence approaches and processes amongst them.

Our Methodology:
  • Assessment of the leakiness of the client through counter CI efforts
  • Assessment of key competitors to benchmark own’s leakiness
  • Ranking of the client as per the low-medium-high level of leakiness framework of DelveInsight
  • DelveInsight showcases the processes through which the client could provide information for competitive intelligence building.
  • Provided overall leakiness scenario, and involved client’s Key Personnel in small seminar to appraise them of the CI domain

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