Competitive Landscape Assessment

Opportunities in dissolvable Microneedle Technology (dMTS) space

Expanding product offering by assessing novel technologies

Problem Statement:

A large medical device client, based in the United States, with capabilities in drug delivery medical devices, involved DelveInsight to assess the potential risks and benefits of a merger being evaluated to further the goal of becoming market leaders in the niche area of drug delivery through a novel technology (dissolvable microneedle technology) for drug delivery. The client wanted to include certain intellectual property in their portfolio through this deal, but was concerned about impact of the merger in their overall business strategy.

  • Provided steps to retain control of major strategy centric processes to allay post-merger dissolution risks
  • Assessed Company’s exposure to post-merger impacts, and provided remedial solutions to combat such situations
  • Understanding Manufacturing and Import Licensing ProcessProvision of safeguards to each entity during the transition to keep the process in control
  • Executed workshops to retain transparency during and after the merger
Our Methodology:
  • Evaluation of the dissolvable microneedle technology space to find entities with good technology and IP
  • Understanding best partner through assessment of overall strategies of merging entities'
  • Deep-dive assessments into the compatibility aspect of the two firms to ensure cohesion
  • Analysis of Transactional costs relating to the merger
  • Descriptive understanding of the post-merger environment
  • Created a new niche for the client in the Drug delivery space with addition of a novel technology
  • Helped retain the client’s competitive position in the market
  • Led to proper allocation of research resources for future commercial goals

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