Go-To-Market Strategy

Expanding Into Asia-Pacific: Life sciences opportunities and strategies for success
Objective :

Identification of GTM Strategies through Primary Intelligence. Assessment of manufacturing sites, partners & logistics and distribution networks.

Problem Statement:

A medium pharmaceutical client based in the United States with biosimilar commercial capabilities involved DelveInsight to identify commercial processes and strategies to launch their biosimilar in Europe through Competitive Assessment of their EU based competitors in the same area of interest. They wished to identify manufacturing sites, logistic operations, distribution network, salesforce assessment and their sales targets

Our Methodology:
  • DelveInsight conducted secondary and primary research to assess the landscape of Biosimilars in the European region
  • Sources like companies’ websites, clinical trials websites, press releases, literature reviews and research publications along with the internal resources were utilised.
  • DelveInsight conducted extensive primary research to identify the commercial process of launching a biosimilar in Europe, pricing approval process, the partnerships between companies, and the countries with increased ease of biosimilar launch.

DelveInsight conducted Due Diligence on the biosimilar landscape in Europe and targeted the top biosimilar companies for primary assessment to research for Go-to-market strategies

  • DelveInsight provided an in-depth evaluation of the approval and launch sequence.
  • The client received a list of launch priority in terms of geography.
  • Listing of promotional activities conducted by the companies.
  • Deployment of marketing and promotional personnel and target assessment for promotional material for successful launch and uptake

DelveInsight’s extensive and pro-active approach in understanding marketing strategies and launch assessment helped the client understand the biosimilar market of Europe and best positioned them for a successful journey towards commercialisation of their products in the European region.

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