In-Licensing Opportunity

Expanding Into Asia-Pacific: Life sciences opportunities and strategies for success
Objective :

Assessment of dissolvable microneedle technology along with Identification of Top Licensing Partner Companies through Secondary and Primary Intelligence.

Problem Statement:

A large client based in the USA, involved in drug delivery devices, with effective marketing and commercialisation presence across the globe, wanted to in-license potential dMTS based drug delivery asset from companies involved in microneedle technology research for delivering therapeutic products. They wished to identify and assess the technological competencies, clinical capabilities and commercial readiness of potential companies with a novel and non-invasive way of delivering drugs, which can include a variety of drugs/vaccines in their patch and successfully develop the product for commercial purposes, were of client’s interest.

Our Methodology:
  • dMTS Market Assessment
  • Companies Assessment
  • Technology Assessment
  • Investment Assessment
  • Primary Assessment
  • Strategic Insights on Companies
  • Assessment of own company
  • Strategic Goal Building
  • Matrix Analysis positioned the top 20 companies researched.
  • The client could assess the Top companies which would effectively fit their strategic needs and objectives (the TARGET quadrant).
  • DelveInsight fixed meetings with these probably 4-5 companies for the client to take discussions forward.

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