Respiratory Domain Conference Coverage

Thorough event monitoring for a client having portfolio around IPF

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is the archetypical progressive fibrotic interstitial lung disease (ILD). As the morbidity and mortality rates associated with IPF remain high, prompt treatment of IPF is critical to safeguard patients’ lung function, reduce the risk of acute exacerbations, and improve outcomes.

Our client has a drug in development for IPF and would like the team at Delveinsight to cover all the significant innovations in the field of IPF, which were unveiled during the ATS, ERS, JRS, IPF Summit conference events in 2022. The client expressed concerns that although the disease has a very large pipeline, it is shrouded with profound challenges in clinical development and failure rates are high. The client wanted to know about the clinical trial designs, MOAs and scientific progress of competitor drugs.


The preconference program and abstracts were reviewed to give the client an opportunity to explain the context, goal and ideas and clarify priorities. General information about the key presenters as well as definitive knowledge about the attendee companies were compiled. During the conference, insights were gathered from presentations and panel discussions. Follow-up interviews with attendees and presenters from academia, industry and clinical settings were conducted. Articles and press releases related to the conference were analyzed. Live-tweeting of the events generated significant engagement and allowed attendees to share their thoughts and insights in real-time. All the happenings around IPF were mapped through social media analysis; sentiments of the practitioners, opinions of patient advisory groups and reimbursement organizations were analyzed to assess the true impact of the conference in the field of IPF.


The conferences brought together leading experts in the field of IPF, including respiratory physicians, researchers, and patient advocates. During the conference, physicians highlighted that there exists several challenges around addressing symptoms and quality of life of patients with IPF despite the presence of current therapies. Results of clinical trials of some of the drugs in pipeline were presented and comparisons were made between them. KOL discussions on novel measures of efficacy in the development of new medications helped us gain critical understanding of the treatment landscape. The interactions with KOLs also helped uncover sentiments on the client’s drug and thoughts on their prescription decisions. Panel discussions were also attended on investigations of prognostic biomarkers and more precision in treating the right patient at the right time.


The final report provided a comprehensive review of the current and future landscape in terms of competitors and new technologies as detailed in the conferences. The report also included expert analysis based on non-biased scientific interchanges and discussions among leading experts in the field. Key elements of the report were then illustrated in the form of a PowerPoint presentation to higher leadership to inform next steps.

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