Acromegaly Market
Acromegaly Market


Acromegaly is a rare, slowly progressive, acquired disorder that affects adults. The pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone (GH). The pituitary gland is a small gland located near the base of the skull that stores several hormones and releases them into the bloodstream as needed by the body. These hormones regulate many different bodily functions. In most patients, acromegaly is caused by the growth of a benign tumor (adenoma) arising from the pituitary gland. Symptoms of acromegaly include abnormal enlargement in bones of the hands, arms, feet, legs, and head. Enlargement of the bones in the jaws and the front of the skull are typically the most apparent bony changes.

Acromegaly Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM 

  • Total Diagnosed prevalent Cases of Acromegaly
  • Total Tumor origin-specific Cases of Acromegaly
  • Total Gender-specific Cases of Acromegaly
  • Total Tumor size Cases of Acromegaly
  • Total Treated Cases of Acromegaly

Acromegaly Epidemiological Insights Observed in the 7MM (2021)

  • The total diagnosed prevalent cases of Acromegaly in the 7MM were found to be 57.8k.
  • The total Gender-specific cases of Acromegaly in the 7MM where males were found to be 27.5k and the females were estimated to be 30.2k.
  • The total tumor size cases of Acromegaly in the 7MM where macroadenomas were found to be 46.4k and microadenomas were estimated to be 11.4k.

Acromegaly Market Insight

The market size of Acromegaly in the 7MM was found to be USD 1,326.6 million in 2021.  

Acromegaly Market Drivers

  • Increasing prevalence of acromegaly
  • Incentives for orphan drug designation
  • More efficacious mono and combination therapies

Acromegaly Market Barriers

  • High cost of treatment
  • Challenges associated with current treatment
  • Entry of generics in the acromegaly market

Acromegaly Emerging Therapies

The emerging drugs in the Acromegaly market are

  • Paltusotine (CRN 00808)
  • CAM-2029 (octreotide subcutaneous depot)
  • Cimdelirsen/IONIS-GHR-LRx, and many others

Acromegaly Key Players 

The key players working in the Acromegaly market are

  • Crinetics Pharmaceuticals
  • Camurus
  • Ionis Pharmaceuticals, and several others