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AL Amyloidosis

Amyloidosis is a rare disease resulting from abnormal protein deposits, called amyloid, in various tissues of the body. Depending on the structure of the particular amyloid, the protein can accumulate in an isolated tissue or be widespread, affecting numerous organs and tissues. There are over 30 different amyloid proteins. Each amyloid protein is arranged in a structure called a fibril—a low molecular weight protein derived from precursor proteins. Amyloid fibrils can float in the blood plasma and deposit into body tissues.

Amyloidosis Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM

  • Total Incident Cases of AL Amyloidosis
  • Gender-specific Cases of AL Amyloidosis
  • Age-specific Cases of AL Amyloidosis

Amyloidosis Epidemiological Insights Observed in the 7MM (2021)

  • The total incident cases of Amyloidosis observed in the 7MM were observed to be 8.6K cases in the year 2021
  • The highest incident AL Amyloidosis population was found in the US (4.5K), followed by EU5 (3.6K), and Japan (500).

Amyloidosis Market Insight

The market size of Amyloidosis in the 7MM was found to be approximately USD 900 million in 2021.  

Amyloidosis Market Strengths

Collaboration between major market players (Commercialization of Darzalex Faspro by Genmab and Janssen Biotech, acquisition of Caelum biosciences by AstraZeneca in 2021) is expected to drive market growth.

Amyloidosis Market Opportunities

The treatment of newly diagnosed AL in the future will likely include daratumumab-based therapy in conjunction with fibril-directed therapy, which targets the amyloid protein already deposited in the heart. Their combination has the potential to improve outcomes in the future.

Amyloidosis Emerging Drugs

The emerging drugs in the Amyloidosis market are

  • Daratumumab
  • Birtamimab
  • CAEL-101
  • Melflufen
  •  Elotuzumab, and others

Amyloidosis Key Players 

The key players working in the Amyloidosis market are

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Oncopeptides AB
  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • Prothena
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical and others