Chronic Insomnia
Chronic Insomnia Market

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and is characterized by difficulty in either initiating sleep, maintaining sleep continuity, or poor sleep quality. It is a complex that is accompanied by daytime impairment of cognition, mood, or performance.


Chronic Insomnia is observed as a long-term pattern of having difficulties in sleeping. Several Chronic insomnia symptoms include trouble falling asleep, waking up throughout the night, trouble staying asleep or trouble returning to sleep, waking up too early, daytime sleepiness or grogginess, not feeling rested after a night’s sleep, irritability, mood changes, difficulty in concentrating, problems with memory and an increase in mistakes and other accidents.


Chronic Insomnia Epidemiological Segmentation

The Epidemiological Segmentation of Chronic Insomnia in 7MM from 2018 to 2030 is segmented into:-


  • Prevalent Cases of Chronic Insomnia
  • Diagnosed Prevalent Cases of Chronic Insomnia
  • Gender-specific Cases of Chronic Insomnia
  • Age-specific Cases of Chronic Insomnia


Chronic Insomnia Epidemiological Insights Observed in 2020


  • The total diagnosed Chronic Insomnia prevalent population in 7MM was 5,585,000.
  • In the US, Gender-specific Chronic Insomnia prevalent cases observed in males were 811,000, whereas, in females, 1,763,000 cases were observed. 
  • The prevalent cases of Chronic Insomnia in the United States were 2,575,000.
  • The Chronic Insomnia prevalent cases in Japan were 761,000.
  • The number of Chronic Insomnia prevalent cases in Germany was observed to be 402,000.
  • The number of Chronic Insomnia prevalent cases in Spain was 273,000.
  • The number of Chronic Insomnia prevalent cases in France was estimated to be 873,000.


Chronic Insomnia Market

The market size of Chronic Insomnia in the 7MM was found to be USD 314.2 million in 2020.


Chronic Insomnia Market Drivers


  • Increasing population
  • New therapies
  • Use of big data
  • Personalization of therapies 


Chronic Insomnia Market Barriers


  • Varying incidence
  • Issues with diagnosis and poor knowledge
  • Use of off-label drugs
  • High economic burden 


Chronic Insomnia Emerging Drugs

The emerging drugs of the Chronic Insomnia market are


  • Daridorexant
  • Seltorexant and others


Chronic Insomnia Key Players

The key players working in the Chronic Insomnia market are 


  • Idorsia Pharmaceuticals
  • Janssen Research & Development/Minerva Neurosciences and others