Crohn’s Disease Market
Crohn’s Disease Market

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's disease is a type of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It results in the swelling (inflammation) of the tissues in your digestive tract, which can cause abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, exhaustion, weight loss, and malnutrition. People with Crohn's disease may experience inflammation in many parts of their gastrointestinal tract, most frequently the small intestine. This inflammation frequently penetrates the innermost layers of the bowel.

Crohn’s Disease Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM

  • Total Prevalent cases of Crohn’s Disease
  • Total Diagnosed Prevalent cases of Crohn’s Disease
  • Age-specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases of Crohn’s Disease 
  • Severity-specific Diagnosed Cases of Crohn’s Disease 

Crohn’s Disease Epidemiological Insights Observed in the 7MM (2021)

  • The total incident cases of Crohn’s Disease observed in the 7MM were observed to be 1.6 Million in the year 2021
  • The highest diagnosed Crohn’s Disease population accounting for 832K cases, was found in the United States in the year 2021
  • The age-specific Crohn’s Disease diagnosed cases observed in the United States were observed to be 354K (between 18-44 years) in the year 2021

Crohn’s Disease Market Insight

The market size of Crohn’s Disease in the 7MM was found to be approximately USD 7,801 Million in 2021.  

Crohn’s Disease Market Strengths

Certain initiatives have been taken by private and government organizations to raise awareness about the disease. The world IBD day began officially celebrating Awareness Month in May.

Crohn’s Disease Market Opportunities

Several Key pharmaceutical players have taken the initiative to meet the unmet needs of the Crohn’s Disease (CD) market’s present situation.

Crohn’s Disease Emerging Drugs

The emerging drugs in the Crohn’s Disease market are

  • Jyselica (Fligotinib/GS-6034)
  • Rinvoq (Upadacitinib; ABT494)
  • Brazikumab (MEDI2070)
  • Tremfya (Guselkumab)
  • RHB-104
  • Mirikizumab (LY3074828)
  • Zeposia (Ozanimod; RPC1063), and others

Crohn’s Disease Key Players 

The key players working in the Crohn’s Disease market are

  • Gilead 
  • RedHill Bip-pharma
  • AstraZeneca
  • Johnsons & Johnson Pharmaceuticals
  • Bristol Myers Squibb, and others