Dermatomyositis Market
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Dermatomyositis Market

Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies are a heterogeneous group of connective tissue disorders characterized by progressive muscle weakness. The cause of the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies remains undetermined. All are thought to be due to immune system abnormalities leading to inflammation in muscle and other tissues.

Dermatomyositis Epidemiology Insights (2021)

The Dermatomyositis total Prevalent Cases in the 7MM were 61K cases in 2021

Severity-specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases in the 7MM

  • Mild - 20K
  • Moderate - 9K
  • Severe - 7K

Dermatomyositis Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM from 2019 to 2032

  • Total Prevalent Cases
  • Total Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Gender-specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Age-specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Severity-specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Classification-Specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Chronicity-Specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Co-morbidity-Specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Treated cases

Dermatomyositis Market Insight (2021)

The Dermatomyositis Market size in the 7MM was USD 178 million in 2021

Dermatomyositis Market Strengths

  • Over the past years, there has been a significant increase in the knowledge and understanding of DM, which is increasingly considered when making therapeutic decisions. Thriving R&D to understand the diversity of the disease might improve the Diagnosis.

Dermatomyositis Market Opportunities

  • Better prognostic markers would allow physicians to diagnose and begin treatment of at early onset, possibly preventing disease progression.

Dermatomyositis Emerging Drugs and Key Companies

  • Brepocitinib: Priovant Therapeutics
  • HIZENTRA (immune globulin): CSL Behring
  • ULTOMIRIS (ravulizumab): Alexion Pharmaceuticals/AstraZeneca
  • Efgartigimod PH20: Argenx
  • PF-06823859: Pfizer
  • Nipocalimab: Janssen, and others