Dravet Syndrome
Dravet Syndrome Market

Dravet Syndrome is a severe form of epilepsy that is characterized by frequent, prolonged seizures often triggered by high body temperature (hyperthermia), developmental delay, speech impairment, ataxia, hypotonia, sleep disturbances, and other health problems.  

Three stages are usually identified in association with Dravet Syndrome with "febrile stage" being the first among them, "worsening stage" follows between 1 and 5 years of age, and "stabilization stage" begins by the end of the first decade in which seizures are less frequent. 

The disease's Signs and Symptoms involve seizures, ataxia (balance problems), motor impairment, cognitive impairment, behavioral problems, infections, bone problems, and heart rhythm irregularities.

Dravet Syndrome Epidemiological Segmentation 

The Epidemiological Segmentation of Dravet Syndrome in 7MM from 2017 to 2030 is segmented as:- 

  • Incident Population of Dravet Syndrome
  • Mutations (type and class) associated with Dravet Syndrome
  • Seizure-associated cases of Dravet Syndrome
  • Gender-specific Incidence of Dravet Syndrome
  • Age-specific Incidence of Dravet Syndrome

Dravet Syndrome Epidemiology 

  • The total incident population of Dravet Syndrome in 7MM was 30,820 in 2017
  • The number of Dravet Syndrome patients in the United States in 2017 was 20,912
  • The age-specific incidence in the US was highest among 4–8 years old, followed by 9–13 years old patients in 2017

Dravet Syndrome Market

The market Size of Dravet Syndrome in 7MM in 2017 was USD 79.1 million

Dravet Syndrome Market Drivers

  • Increase in research activities
  • Increasing disease awareness

Dravet Syndrome Market Barriers

  • Disease Burden
  • Diagnostic Challenges
  • Comparatively Reduced Focus

Dravet Syndrome Emerging Drugs

The emerging drugs of the Dravet Syndrome market are 

  • ZX008
  • Soticlestat
  • Ataluren

And many others.  


Dravet Syndrome Key Players

The key players in the Dravet Syndrome market are

  • Zogenix
  • Ovid Therapeutics
  • PTC Therapeutics

And many others.