Huntington's disease Market
Huntington's disease Market Infograhics

Huntington’s disease Market Overview

Huntington's disease (HD) is a progressive, genetically rare, incurable neurodegenerative condition that affects neurons throughout the brain, including those that assist in the regulation of voluntary (intentional) movement. The signs often appear between the ages of 30 and 50, while juvenile Huntington's disease symptoms may appear earlier or much later.

Huntington’s disease Epidemiology Insights (2021)

The Huntington’s disease Prevalent Cases in the 7MM were approximately 80K cases in 2021

Huntington’s disease Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM from 2019 to 2032

  • Total prevalent cases
  • Total diagnosed prevalent cases
  • Total chorea-associated cases
  • Total age group-specific cases
  • Total clinical stage-specific cases
  • Total treated cases

Huntington’s disease Market Insights (2021)

The Huntington’s disease Market size in the 7MM was valued USD 199 million in 2021 and 

Huntington’s disease Market Strengths

  • As adult-onset Huntington’s disease is more common than juvenile Huntington’s disease, so with growing geriatric population more elderly patients will be diagnosed with HD knowledge

Huntington’s disease Market Opportunities

  • Huntington’s disease is a rare condition thus, companies developing treatment options for the same can possess several advantages like premium pricing, an Orphan Designation, which comes along with 7 years of market exclusivity in the US, clinical trial subsidies, reduced regulatory fees, and several other benefits.

Huntington’s disease Emerging Drugs and key companies

  • Pridopidine (ACR-16): Prilenia Therapeutics
  • Ingrezza (valbenazine/NBI-98854): Neurocrine Biosciences
  • ANX005: Annexon Biosciences
  • SOM3355/Bevantolol: SOM Biotech
  • VX15/2503(pepinemab): Vaccinex
  • SAGE-718: Sage Therapeutics
  • AMT-130(rAAV5-miHTT): UniQure Biopharma
  • WVE-003(mHTT SNP3): Wave life sciences/Takeda
  • NP03 (nanolithium)/NanosiRNA: Medesis Pharma, and others