Uveitis Market

Uveitis is an inflammation of the uvea, the pigmented layer between the inner retina and the outer fibrous layer composed of the sclera and cornea. It is caused by inflammatory responses inside the eye that can be caused due to tissue damage, germs, or toxins, which lead to swelling, redness, heat, and destroys tissues as specific white blood cells rush to the affected part.

Symptoms of acute forms of Uveitis include ocular pain, photophobia, lacrimation, and redness. Uveitis is most often idiopathic but has been associated with traumatic, inflammatory, and infectious processes.

Uveitis Epidemiological Segmentation 

The Epidemiological Segmentation of Uveitis in 7MM from 2017 to 2030 is segmented as:- 

  • Total Prevalent Cases of Uveitis
  • Gender-Specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases of Uveitis
  • Age-Specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases of Uveitis
  • Type-Specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases of Uveitis
  • Diagnosed Prevalence of Noninfectious Uveitis (NIU) by Anatomical Location
  • Grade-Specific Diagnosed Prevalence of Anterior noninfectious Uveitis (aNIU)

Uveitis Epidemiology 

  • The total prevalent cases of Uveitis in the US in 2017 was 357,791  
  • The total cases of Uveitis in the United States for females were 163,260 cases, whereas, for males, it was observed to be 158,752 cases in 2017.  

Uveitis Market

The therapeutic market of Uveitis in 7MM in 2017 was USD 1,045.9 million  

Uveitis Market Drivers

  • Availability of ocular inserts
  • Orphan drug Status
  • Introduction of biologic drugs
  • Rich emerging pipeline with diverse ROA and MOA

Uveitis Market Barriers

  • Effective therapies for chronic or recurrent Uveitis
  • Yet to be fully explored
  • Lack of treatment options which can restore normal vision

Uveitis Emerging Drugs

The emerging drugs of the Uveitis market are 

  • ADX-102
  • Sirolimus
  • EGP-437
  • Suprachoroidal CLS-TA
  • Sarilumab
  • LME636 (OCS-02)
  • LFG316
  • Abatacept (Orenica)
  • EYS606

And many others.  

Uveitis Key Players

The key players in the Uveitis market are

  • Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc
  • Santen
  • EyeGate Pharmaceuticals
  • Clearside Biomedical, Inc
  • Sanofi Aventis
  • Oculis Pharma
  • Novartis
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
  • Eyevensys

And many others. 

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