Wilson's Disease
Wilson's Disease Market

Wilson's Disease also called hepatolenticular degeneration and progressive lenticular degeneration is an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes copper poisoning in the body. A mutation in the ATP7B gene, which codes for copper transportation, is the main cause of Wilson’s Disease.

The liver filters out excess copper and releases it through urine, in a healthy body. Whereas in Wilson’s Disease, the liver cannot remove the extra copper properly. The extra copper then builds up in organs such as the brain, liver, and eyes. 

Wilson's Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of Wilson's Disease usually include fatigue, lack of appetite, or abdominal pain, jaundice, golden-brown eye discoloration, fluid buildup in the legs or abdomen, problems with speech, swallowing, or physical coordination, and uncontrolled movements or muscle stiffness

Wilson's Disease Epidemiological Segmentation 

The Epidemiological Segmentation of Wilson's Disease in 7MM from 2018 to 2030 is segmented into:-

  • Total prevalent cases of Wilson's Disease
  • Diagnosed prevalent cases of Wilson's Disease
  • Prevalent cases by clinical manifestation of Wilson's Disease

Wilson's Disease Epidemiological Insights Observed in 2020

  • The total prevalent population of Wilson's Disease in the 7MM was found to be 35,509.
  • Japan has the highest prevalence of Wilson's Disease among the 7MM countries.
  • Among the EU5 countries, Germany had the highest prevalent population of Wilson's Disease whereas Spain had 797 cases of Wilson's Disease.

Wilson's Disease Market

The Wilson's Disease therapeutic market is expected to change in the 7MM during the study period (2017–2030).

Wilson's Disease Emerging Drugs

The emerging drugs of the Wilson's Disease market are

  • ALXN1840
  • Bis-Choline Tetrathiomolybdate
  • VTX-801
  • TETA 4HCL, and others

Wilson's Disease Key Players

The key players working in the Wilson's Disease market are 

  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • Vivet Therapeutics
  • Orphalan, and others