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Interoperability in Clinical Healthcare Whitepaper
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Interoperability in Clinical Healthcare
Interoperability refers to the ability of electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare data management systems to communicate and share information in a seamless manner. An efficient health information exchange (HIE) sends data about a patient to the clinician and care team promptly and safely, regardless of where care or services were provided. Interoperability is crucial today, and it will become even more so in the future. Interoperability is needed by organizations that want to use data analytics to its full potential, and it is needed by organizations that wish to transition to value-based care. Organizations that wish to meet patients' demand for access to medical records would also need it. These are only a few examples. Interoperability in healthcare can improve patient satisfaction, lower medical error rates, and lower healthcare costs, among other things. Understanding this, health systems are turning to healthcare software development for interoperability solutions.