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Moving from a scientific to a business-oriented outlook is an inherent challenge of the Pharma market. Which is why, many blockbuster drugs of Big Pharma Players have been licensed in from small Pharma players or academia centres of research universities, as the former entities have a great sense of business. Correctly called other’s science, these drugs receive a platform to perform exceptionally well in the market. Still, such licensing processes possess inherent challenges.

  • One challenge is faced by small Pharma players and academia who may not be able to leverage their asset to an extent where Big Pharma can notice them.
  • Conversely, Big Pharma Players fail to find a perfect asset that complements their R&D portfolio and strategic road map.
  • Working without outside help, these entities may lose the precious first-mover advantage, which is everything in the Pharma space.

Our Perspective

Here comes in our game-modifying role, where we assist either of the entities to find the other through our proprietary licensing service offering. Designed in such a way that we find- every time- the best strategic licensing partner for our clients. Having speciality of all therapeutic areas and networks across the globe, we are expertly positioned to provide the best consulting advice.

Our Licensing Services Provides You:

  • Ensured results with many potential companies for possible engagement
  • A detailed list of companies with the probability of conducting licensing services
  • Engagement service to set up meetings and initiate deal discussion
  • Decision Mapping Matrix Assessment with a list of Top Companies with the greatest level of strategic fit

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