Mergers and

Managing post-merger positioning of competencies
and capabilities to extract best possible capabilities
of the merged entities
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Tackling a merger or an acquisition is a task in its own, and when port merger processes are put into the mix, another hotpot of challenges and barriers emerge. Having two entities with different outlooks, visions, strategies and capabilities and making them work on a shared philosophy is something that requires foresight, forethought and a whole different level of expertise.

  • Taking care of tangible assets is easier, however, managing post-merger integrations require tacking managing the marriage of the entities’ intangible assets. Making sure the integration is a normal procedure is what makes integration a key challenge
  • Another outlook to be assessed is the strategic rearranging of the post-merger organization, to make sure the ultimate goal is easily achieved to complete a successful integration.
  • Another major point is to keep the timing in mind, so that the changes do not take away the focus of the merger, which is to enhance shared capabilities for better positioning of the merged entity in the market.

Our Perspective

DelveInsight’s services in their portfolio of consulting services provides expert opinion, unmatched experience, and cumulative insights of industry experts on how to navigate the complicated waters of post- merger or acquisition landscape. Not only do our in-house experts provide understanding of how the entity’s future operating model would be, but also manage processes by selecting priority processes, work to retain best practices, model the entity to be more agile and resilient and focus on retaining talent by integrating and developing best resources for the entity.

Our Service Offering Provides:

  • Seamless integration of capabilities, culture and assets
  • Demarcating responsibilities by department, to manage tasks and goals
  • Assess Potential Challenges for the entity in the market and provide actionable solutions for them
  • Channelize strengths to improve strategy
  • Aggressively channelize synergies for successful integration
  • Provide open communication channels to streamline the process for smooth organizational functioning

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