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Hear From Our CEO

To my Clients, Business partners, employees and everyone whom I have worked with, we have been fortunate to have business partners and clients such as yourself who have been using our services. We are very grateful for business relations we have been able to build, and success we have been able to achieve in our respective fields together.

From the first case identified on December 31st, 2019, in Wuhan to being declared a pandemic on March 12th, COVID-19 has tested positive in more than 200 countries. This is an alarming situation that has put ourselves at test.

The pandemic not only has affected the routine lives, and work of people, it has inflicted a severe hit on the global economy as well. The stocks have come crashing down, and people around the world are praying it to end.

As we are confronted with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has managed to invade more than 150 countries, we felt it is important to reach out to you at a challenging time and ensure that you and your closed ones are safe, protected and informed.

To My Employees

As an employer, as a human, it is my responsibility that in a situation of crisis, each employee of DelveInsight is safe, protected, and away from the fear of Coronavirus. DelveInsight family has itself started to monitor the transmission of the spread and has taken strong measures to prevent it. The whole premises are regularly being sanitized, employees are being provided with sanitizers, punch-in attendance machines are being abandoned, conferences have been cancelled, and employees who commute through public transport are given the leverage to work remotely. We are ensuring our employees are well informed and take proper safety measures and stay healthy and protected. In return, our employees are willingly working extra hours and taking an extra mile to ensure our company does not get affected by the Corona crisis heavily. We surely cannot escape from the hit, but we surely can minimize the impact.

To My Clients

At the same time, I am concerned for our clients too. I wish to extend my wishes for your well-being. I would be glad to be at your service, and if DelveInsight can be of any assistance in any way at all.

As the markets around the world enter the bear market, in these moments of uncertainty, as our valuable client, you need not to worry regarding the business. We are here to provide data validation and actionable insight. DelveInsight has a plan and strategy to ensure the continuity of business. With the conferences cancelled, and events postponed, we, at DelveInsight, are taking a level up and are going digital. You can connect with us virtually and get all of your doubts cleared, and questions answered.

  • Our research is designed to give you an outside perspective, grounded in data and expertise, that can help you re-assess markets and chart a secure path forward.
  • We provide off-the-shelf as well as customized market research for your better perspective and understanding of the current situation, and the impact in the coming future.
  • We offer a host of resources to support you from updates to your syndicated market research to custom research consulting.

Please call or email us for help identifying the research you need now:

Indian Number:  +91-9650213330

E-mail ID:   info@delveinsight.com

To My Business Partners

We are not only business partners but more like friends. In every situation, we have advised and helped each other to grow. In an atmosphere where everything looks grim and unpredictable, I extend my support to you in every way. Be it any business-related concern, confusion regarding the market dynamics, or your own thoughts about the situation, give me a call, and we can talk about it.

I wish to support the health and well-being of our clients, partners and employees in every way possible. From our research, we have concluded that the best thing we can all do right now is to improve our health and fitness levels, build the body’s immunity, stay safe, and follow precautionary steps.

I understand that your work plans, tours, and goals, in short, your life is being affected, given these unprecedented times; however, this shall too pass. I know that there will not be any industry, any business, or any person who will be left unaffected. However, we are here to help you navigate through this maze. For any business decision, my whole team is here to help you find the correct information to help you strive and pass this tough phase. DelveInsight is here to listen to you, your concerns. We are here to lend an ear.

I am doing my best to flatten the curve. And I request my fellow mates, colleagues, partners, and connections to contribute towards flattening the coronavirus curve.


Dr. Vishal Agrawal


DelveInsight Business Research