Bio Digital 2021

What is it all about?

BIO is the world’s largest advocacy association that unites pharmaceutical companies, biotech players, healthcare stakeholders, universities, scientific communities, venture capitalist and like-minded individuals giving them a platform to discuss, collaborate and share their views on the healthcare and pharmaceutical domain.

With over 3,800 delegates from 2,300+ companies, it is nothing short of an immense source of knowledge; however, a virtual one! In light of the unprecedented events, BIO has taken into account the imposed global travel restrictions and the safety of delegates and attendees, thereby deciding to go Digital this year.

Undoubtedly, this year will witness a lack of in-person meetings and physical gathering, however, the virtual conference will open doors to embracing the technology, democratizing the access of insights and information globally and facilitating a relationship in a new manner.

Grab a hot cup of coffee and join us to dive deeper into an era that is driven by innovative ideas, cutting-edge technology, and revolutionized breakthroughs in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry.

Let’s connect on June 10-11 & 14-18, 2021

Business Development

We are advising our clients to expand their business by entering the lucrative Pharma market in the US by analyzing market trends and presenting a calculated forecast. Our clients from different geographies including Europe, Japan, MENA, APAC, LATAM, and others have stepped into the US pharma market for the development of their Business. Similarly, our clients from the US pharma market are exploring the markets in other emerging and major markets.

Market Assessment

We are providing indication-based reports that are customized and made geography-specific for the clients to suit their requirements. Our analysts carry out extensive primary and secondary research to focus on the geography of interest and offer Epidemiological, and Market landscape along with the market drivers and barriers.

In/Out-Licensing Opportunities

We are also proffering potential licensing opportunities in the pharma market, specifically in the US for the ease of development of drug candidates and their commercialization in the respective geography.

Partner Identification

Our analysts are helping the clients in identifying potential Europe-based partners to help them grow their business. Our clients from different regions are excelling in this fast-paced pharma market by facilitating alliances and signing deals with the pharma companies based in the USA. Similarly, our clients from the US are increasing their foothold in other markets that offer profitable opportunities.


We are offering business moves for our clients through different business expansion methods like mergers, collaborations, and acquisitions in the US. Our clients from Europe, Japan, and other emerging markets are acquiring and forming partnerships with others in Europe to kick-start their business in geography. Similarly, our strong network is offering pharmaceuticals worldwide an opportunity to establish their foundation outside the US.

Regulatory Analysis

We are providing our clients with a thorough understanding of the regulatory authority of the region, about the guidelines for conducting clinical trials, getting approval and market commercialization. We explain to our clients based in other regions about the guidelines laid by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We invite you to discuss your business-related concerns, and together we can find the best possible solution to help you advance in the Life Sciences market.

  • Head Business Development
    Shikha Sharma

    Shikha is a dynamic and goal-oriented leader with 10+ years of demonstrated expertise in business development across market research, business consulting and contract manufacturing across the healthcare sector. Her keen eye for detail and astute understanding of client's requirements always ensures a mutual win between the client's needs and firm's goals. She is highly skilled in building and maintaining strategic relationships and alliances with clients.

Let’s catch up without leaving the comforts of our homes this year!

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