BIO Japan 2022

What’s On-Board

BioJapan is a 3-day long Conference and the world's oldest event focusing on biotechnology that is going to be held from 12th October to 14th October taking place at the Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama(PACIFICO Yokohama) in Japan. This event attracts over 15,000 visitors from approximately 26 countries every year.

DelveInsight team will attend the BioJapan conference 2022 with immense enthusiasm. With this event, we will get a fantastic opportunity to meet renowned medical practitioners, scientists, medical firms, and massive pharmaceutical business’ representatives. We will incorporate the extensive knowledge from the conference in our upcoming insights and reports. It will also help bring new strategies and develop nascent solutions for business companies.

Furthermore, DelveInsights takes a step further towards putting its utmost contribution to making the event insightful and adopting new technologies and wisdom, which we will use to bring betterment to our business models and develop newer business solutions.

Do not miss the chance to connect with DelveInsight’s team at BioJapan 2022 by running a One-To-One Meeting. We will appreciate your presence at the event.

Join us from 12th October to 14th October by simply filling in your details in the upper right column.

Business Development

We have a BD team of experts that offers potential searching opportunities to our business clients as per their demands and interests. We ensure strength and backing to the technical aspects of the organization. We are experienced in plotting a definitive growth trajectory and also aid in generating value for the client’s portfolio.

We ensure that our business models follow up a cost-effective business process, improving networking and client branding. All of it helps in defining short and long-term goals for the client.

Competitive Intelligence

We ensure uniqueness by providing a specialized Primary Competitive Intelligence research team. The team comprises analysts, senior analysts, and managers. Our competitive intelligence team ensures the best solutions and opportunities that can be gathered and offered to our partners. We deliver exceptional and strong data collection with a fundamental goal to serve our partners.

In/Out-Licensing Opportunities

Our unbeatable service where the point of focus resides around offering the utmost proprietary licensing services to our clients. Due to the vastly available network globally combining all the therapeutic areas, so we aim to provide the best consulting services.

Specialized Research Reports

With a unique and vast repository of over 6500+ research reports compiling the dynamic field of life science, biotech, pharma, and healthcare sectors across a spectrum of 30+ therapeutic areas stretching over 12+ categories and covering 15+ geographies. They have been categorized into 2200+ Market Research Reports, 1600+ Epidemiology Research Reports, and 1500+ Pipeline Research Reports. All reports are updated at regular intervals and incorporated with the latest details available. We ensure a robust approach to keeping up with the demand and latest industry trends. We ensure that our clients reside on the extra edge of the competitive pharma market.

Market Assessment

Our Market Intelligence team aims to provide indication-based reports and insights modified according to the client's specific geography of interest. Our analysts ensure they have researched enough primary and secondary data that proffers epidemiological and market insights, market drivers and barriers, market trends, and market forecasts through data analysis techniques.

Partner Identification

Our partnering services provide extensive opportunities for project collaborations, majorly around the client's area of interest. Our team of professionals focuses on creating value-based terms with our business partners. We scout the perfect candidates for partnership by meticulously examining unmet needs, validating scientific and business perspectives, and strategic fit.


We aim towards offering business modules to our clients which can aid in various business expansion moves like mergers, collaborations, and acquisitions. Our portfolio defines expert opinions with expert expertise and cumulative insights of industry professionals to navigate the complicated waters of the post-merger or acquisition landscape.

Regulatory Analysis

We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the regulatory authority of the region, the guidelines for conducting clinical trials, getting approval, and market commercialization. With the regulatory expertise of DelveInsight, where analysts have years of knowledge and extensive understanding of regulatory processes, we provide a customized understanding of the regulatory system of the countries our clients are interested in and help them sort out the similarities and differences among the different regulatory agencies

DelevInsight welcomes you to discuss your business-related concerns and find the best possible solution to excel your competitors in the healthcare market.

    Shruti Thakur

    Shruti holds a masters in biotechnology and is responsible for taking care of brand management, marketing, and developing new business opportunities. She is an expert at handling partner relations with experience of more than 6 years in dealing with business research in pharma, biotech & medical device industries and client management for the company. With an astute knowledge of marketing, she is also responsible for improving the digital recognition of the DelveInsight brand and for attaining increased outreach on their market research and consulting services.

    Stuti Mahajan

    Stuti Mahajan holds a masters in biotechnology, has more than 6 years of experience in healthcare consulting, and has executed and managed more than 50 consulting & CI projects. She has rich experience in pipeline analytics, market intelligence, and business research in pharma, biotech & medical device industries with managing client expectations on project outcomes. She specializes in opportunity assessment, disease landscaping, indication/asset prioritization, clinical trial analytics, project sustainability & feasibility study, and more.

The BioJapan conference will take place from 12th to 14th of October, 2022 with an in-person meeting at Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama(PACIFICO Yokohama) in Japan

Counting Down
October 12-14, 2022
| Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

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