DUPHAT Conference

What is it all about?

Dubai International Pharmaceutical & Technology Conference & Exhibition- DUPHAT is a unique congress offering Pharma and Healthcare industry a global platform to get to know about the pharma and healthcare trends in the Middle east and North African (MENA) region.

Started in 1955, DUPHAT has come to establish itself a ‘must-attend’ event proffering evolving trends of the Pharmaceutical industry with the advent of technology. The conference, after having completed 24 years, has come to be recognized as the one-stop featuring automations and robotics in the pharma industry.

With over 100 global and regional pharma players marking their presence in the conference, and exhibiting their latest medical related devices and formulations- including both generics, OTC drugs and patented therapies, the event is a specialized exhibition emphasizing on the manufacturing sector in the pharma industry.

Meet us at DUPHAT 25 - 27 Feb 2020

Market Research & Analysis

DelveInsight proffers comprehensive analysis to Pharma and biotech players about the market trends in the emerging geographies exclusively focused on MENA region, helping clients to identify untapped and lucrative opportunities to grab. On the same line, DelveInsight strategizes business decisions of local pharma players to establish themselves in the major markets such as 7MM.

Exclusively focused Rare disease analysis

Rare genetic diseases pose a significant burden globally, MENA being equally affected. With an exclusive focus in Rare disease market, DelveInsight highlights primary and secondary reasons- genetic, lifestyle and environmental- behind the increasing prevalence of Rare diseases in the MENA. Moreover, this gives pharma and biotech players – local and international, an opportunity to expand their portfolio, and manufacturing units in the region.

Support across the drug value chain

DelveInsight provides consulting services- that gives its clients a competitive edge, providing them with a support in the process of therapy development from the pre-clinical phase, until the therapy enters the market. Moreover, consultants at DelveInsight, with their expertise, and their experience, help the companies to keep themselves prepared for the unexpected challenges that bump into the course of the journey.

Business expansion, Partnering & Licensing opportunities

Companies in the Life Science vertical – Small, Medium and Large – in order to sustain in this fast-evolving Life Science market, need to expand their business, which is why Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnering opportunities is an ordinary happening. However, the move requires a lot of brainstorming, market analysis, and intense competitive studies, with which DelveInsight possesses the potential to help. With the vast-knowledge of the market - Major and Emerging - and a good number of global clients served, DelveInsight helps the local companies to get acquainted with the international ones, and vice versa, thus facilitating business partnering and expansions.

Regulatory guidelines & Pricing Analysis

With different regulatory body in different markets - governing drug approvals and clinical trials guidelines – it becomes quite difficult for pharma players to keep themselves abreast of changes in the guidelines. DelveInsight helps its clients diligently laying out specific changes that may boost or hinder their product in the market, along with pricing strategies for yielding better return on the investment.

We invite you to discuss your business-related concerns, and together we can find the best possible solution to help you advance in the Biotechnology market.

  • Team Lead Marketing & IB
    Shruti Thakur

    Shruti is responsible for taking care of brand management and marketing, along with developing new business opportunities. She is an expert at handling the Partner Relations for the company. With an astute knowledge of marketing, she is also responsible for improving the digital recognition of the DelveInsight brand and for attaining increased outreach on their Market Research and Consulting Services.

  • Senior Business Development Executive
    Soumya Singh

    Soumya is an experienced Business Development Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. She is responsible for researching and pursuing new business leads to the growth of the company. She is skilled in understanding the client's requirements, maintaining the sales pipeline and negotiation. She is having excellent communication skills and exposure to the US, APAC, and European markets.

Organized by INDEX conferences and Exhibitions, the conference is going to take place at Dubai International Convention Centre, Dubai, UAE, from Feb 25-27, 2020.

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Feb 25-27, 2020

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