COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus 19 Therapeutic Pipeline Vaccines Diagnostics Competitive Landscape 2020

DelveInsight’s ‘COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus 19 Therapeutic Pipeline Vaccines Diagnostics Competitive Landscape 2020’ report proffers a solid foundation to start – or progress – further into the research and development of therapies for COVID-19 pandemic, by providing understanding of the causes and symptoms, provide analysis on the morbidity and mortality due to transmission, as well as create a detailed profile of the present stand of the treatment and prevention measures taking place to tackle COVID-19 in the healthcare vertical. It covers a detailed description of the virus associated risks, new diagnostics approaches, novel treatment approaches and vaccines. The report also provides competitive assessment of the key companies involved in the clinical research for new therapies, along with a comprehensive coverage of present Market Trends and Unmet Needs of the healthcare market in the current pandemic situation.

COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) – Pipeline Insight, 2020

DelveInsight’s ‘COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) – Pipeline Insight, 2020’ report covers a detailed overview of the disease, its etiology, and clinical symptoms. The report aims to provide all the therapeutic developments in the market to combat COVID 19, covers the current and emerging therapeutic approaches, as well as the impact of upcoming therapies on disease landscape and technological advancements. Additionally, the report provides extensive coverage of the pipeline products, their clinical phase of trials, mechanism of action, details on whether they are repurposed or novel, their route of administration, and the key company manufacturing and developing the product.

Hydroxychloroquine – Drug Insights 2020

DelveInsight's Hydroxychloroquine – Drug Insights 2020 report proffers an in-depth understanding of the drug – hydroxychloroquine – a quinoline medicine, approved to treat malaria. The report covers a detailed global scenario of its several marketed products and their details, as well as the approvals and withdrawals. Amid the global COVID-19 crisis, the drug has attracted much attention; however, regulatory authorities are closely keeping track of the results and outcomes. The report further sheds light on its patent details, Global API (Hydroxychloroquine) manufacturers, competitive landscape (marketed as well as emerging therapies), SWOT analysis along with the historical and forecasted global sales for all the marketed hydroxychloroquine formulations.

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The pharma industry has played a crucial role in fighting against the pandemic situation by supplying life-saving drugs to patients suffering from coronavirus. At the same time, the pandemic situation has also disrupted the global supply chains causing drug shortages all around the world. The COVID-19 year has caused considerable crises in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, but it is also considered as a primary driver for many technology-driven developments in the Pharma and healthcare sector. Through this whitepaper, Delveinsight is presenting the negative and positive impact of COVID-19 on the pharmaceutical industry. Initially, the pandemic situation has some negative impacts on the pharma sector, such as delay in routine therapies, medication shortages, and disruption in the supply chain...

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Immunity is a major concern in the present times, and consumers have increased their focus on boosting immunity via different supplements. The recent inclination, however, can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. The past year witnessed people adapting to a healthier, and cleaner lifestyle while masks, consuming a healthy and quality diet, social distancing, and sanitizers became the new normal. While commercial traction of funds and the global economy faced a backlash, a segment continued to flourish sneakily. As per recent reports, sales of vitamin and mineral supplements went...

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With worldwide dissemination and now over 9 million cases and nearly 500,000 deaths recorded, the effect of COVID-19 has been far-reaching and unpredictable. As people remain aware of new cases and deaths rising worldwide, global consumer trust has been at its lowest level for many years. COVID-19 has also taken the consumer healthcare industry by surprise by generating the panic buying during the lockdown phase, which created chaos amongst the consumers and the consumer healthcare...

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