Charles River to fuel hit discovery with AstraZeneca high-throughput collaboration

After collaborating with AstraZeneca Charles River is now looking forward to strengthening its high-throughput screening capabilities (HTC) with the help of highly advance AstraZeneca technology. Now the company is able to offer the clients access to a screening facility with highly high-resolution, flexible, automated screening platforms. The collaboration has also enabled Charles River Laboratories to offer state-of-the-art assay detection platforms for label-free and imaging-based assays, along with the ability to run novel technologies, including acoustic mass spectrometry.

JDRF and Cam Med have joined forces on insulin patch pump for artificial pancreas

JDRF and Cam Med have joined forces to develop a bandage-like insulin patch pump for next-generation “artificial pancreas” systems. JDRF has funded Cam Med, a biotech company specialized in microfluidic-based drug delivery. The company will now advance its Evopump, a thin and flexible pump designed for the delivery of one or more medications.

After FDA setback, Bellicum Pharma is all geared up with new R&D leadership, an ex-Genentech executive

Bellicum Pharma is all geared up just a few days after the FDA placed a clinical hold on its lead cell therapy for cancer, Pharma company has recently added new R&D leadership by appointing ex-Genentech executive William Grossman as its chief medical officer. The company is looking forward to improving the R&D process under new supervision.

British biotech ReViral successfully achieved primary and secondary endpoints in early RSV test

Biotechnology Company ReViral has successfully met its primary and secondary endpoints in a small midstage clinical trial for its experimental med against the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The phase II a placebo-controlled test of its oral RSV fusion inhibitor RV521, given to adults infected with the virus, significantly reduced viral load, reduced total mucus weight and reduced clinical symptoms, compared to a control treatment with no safety concerns as per the reports.