How Robots Are Introducing A New Dimension To Healthcare Service Delivery

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Navigating the Vital Role of Bioinformatics in ...

Bioinformatics is one of the healthcare industry's most spotlighted and trending topics today. The Bioinformatics market is evolving rapidly and reaching new heights with each passing day, leading ...

Dec 07, 2022

Digital Health in the Field of Oncology
Emerging Role of Digital Health in the Field of Oncology

The growth and development in the Digital health technologies, such as mobile health (mHealth) apps, electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), wearable devices, telehealth, and telemedicine, as well as personalized medicine, have immensely transformed the healthcare industry and its marke...

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Technology Trends and Innovations in Dementia Care
How are Technological Trends and Innovations Reshaping the Dementia Care?

Dementia is a leading neurological condition that affects the brain and worsens over time. It leads to progressive cognitive and functional degeneration and results in several neuropsychiatric symptoms. As per the estimate, about 55 million people globally live with dementia, and around 10 million new cases are obs...

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Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Technology and Trends
Navigating the Emerging Trends and Technologies in the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Segment

The incidence and prevalence of traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) worldwide have increased over time. As per the study by Weizhong Ding et al., globally, there were 0.9 million incident cases, 20.6 million prevalent cases, and 6.2 million YLDs of total SCI in 2019. Similarly, as per the data presented by WHO, ever...

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Vision Care Market and Products Types
How is Vision Care Market Growing With the Ongoing Innovation in the Product Development?

The eyes are one of the most vital and critical body parts that provide aids in the processing of visual details. Being a very sensitive and delicate part, they require special care. Eyes defects can affect everyday activities and severely impact individuals and their families social and economic well-being. As per...

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Top Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare
Navigating the Most Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Healthcare

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment, every organization works in the direction to improve its process quality, speed, and productivity. To handle these critical aspects and provide better results, we have several new technologies in the market that can address the underlying issue in the ...

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Interoperability Solutions in Healthcare
Interoperability Solutions in Healthcare – Evolving Market Dynamics and Improving Health Outcomes

In today’s highly dynamic and evolving market dynamics, interoperability plays a key role in facilitating organized and effective data exchange between information systems. Businesses across different verticals and sectors are implementing interoperability in the system to address critical issues such as duplicate ...

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Telepsychiatry in the Mental Healthcare Management
How is Telepsychiatry Fulfilling the Evolving Mental Healthcare Demand?

Over the past two years, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly impacted the global healthcare industry. The pandemic has resulted in a substantial spike in demand for at-home services. Similarly, three has been a great jump in the telemedicine industry. In particular, the need for Telep...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mental Health
How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Playing a Constructive Role in Mental Health Management?

As per the latest findings, the prevalence of Mental Health has grown significantly over the past two-three decades. The growth has been registered in almost every country worldwide. People of any age, race, religion or economic status can get mental illnesses. It can severely impact personal and professional life ...

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Nanomedicine Transforming Healthcare Market Dynamics
How is Nanomedicine Transforming the Dynamics of the Healthcare Industry?

Over the span of the last decade, new and revolutionary technology has been introduced into our daily lives - nanotechnology. It has been applied in multiple fields through an integrated approach. With a rise in the number of applications and products containing nanomaterials, nanotechnology now is a very integral ...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis...

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease that leads to progressive an.....

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Toll-like receptors (TLR) 7 and 8 Agonist
Toll-like receptors (TLR)...

Toll-like receptors (TLR) 7 and 8 are functionally localized to endosomes and recognize specific RNA.....

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Gene Therapies
Gene Therapies

Gene therapies are regarded as one of the potential revolution in the Pharmaceutical field and Healt.....

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