Adapsyn signed a USD 162 million deal with Pfizer for microbe-mining project

Adapsyn has recently signed a deal with Pfizer for the microbe-mining with the help of advance platform developed by the Canadian company adapsyn. The technique offers a quick filter for promising candidates with better efficacy.

Due to the high efficiency of this technique, the big pharma Pfizer grabbed the opportunity allocated $162 million for a project that will use Adapsyn’s microbe-mining platform to search through its vast collection of microbial strains.

Evolus just filed for USD 75 million IPO to bring Botox biosimilar into market

To bring botox biosimilar into the market Evolus has filed for an IPO of USD 75 million. Funding will position Evolus to challenge Allergan’s position in the wrinkle-busting sector by bringing a biosimilar of Botox in the US and globally.

Evaluated in a three phase III trial Evolus drug candidate DWP-450 showed that 87% of patients who received DWP-450 responded, compared to 83% of subjects who took Allergan’s blockbuster botox.

BioNTech signed a deal worth USD 270 million with Scancell for TCR

BioNTech has recently signed a deal worth USD 270 million with Scancell. The coalition will give BioNTech the opportunity to work with Scancell to work on T cell receptors (TCRs) also they will get an option to form a license agreement covering the resulting therapeutics. Germany-based BioNTech grabbed spotlight in mRNA but now the company is expanding its R&D to oncology drug development after getting USD 270 million funding.

Novo Nordisk has gone public for USD 3.1 billion ablynx deal after being rejected twice

The Danish company Novo Nordisk has gone public after being rejected twice by another pharma Ablynx for its takeover offer of USD 3.1 billion last month. As a result pharma giant Novo Nordisk gone public to build pressure over the target.

Novo Nordisk is potential restless to close the deal planning to take advance tied to the success of ablynx drug candidates Vobarilizumab and ALX-0171.