Immune checkpoint activators are small molecules responsible for maintenance, modulation and regulation of immune responses. Its significance in Immuno therapeutics is backed by its functionality to activate the immune checkpoint proteins that are down regulated by tumors, leading to the activation of the immune system as a response to combat the tumor. The recent trend with Immune check activators is their combined use with chemotherapy.

Currently, there are over 15 companies that have invested in Immune check activators. Much of today’s focus is being put on OX-40 sharing 35% of the pie for Immune checkpoint activators. It is followed by GITR and others like 4-1BB, Trail receptor, CD27, CD40, ICOS and HVEM receptors. There are over 33 products in the industry with Apogenix holding the maximum share of products. However, there is only a single product that has reached the highest phase of development i.e. Urelumab, which has reached its Phase II for the treatment of B-cell Malignancies, Colorectal Cancer etc. Other prominent indications include Solid Tumour, Non-Small cell Lung Cancer and Ovarian Cancer.

Advanced technology and increased deals and collaborations are a few drivers for the Immune checkpoint activators market. Recently, Leap Therapeutics merged with Macrocure to widen its horizon for its leading GITR agonist, TRX518 while Agenus Inc.’s anti-GITR antibody, INCAGN1876 moves in Phase I/II with a collaboration with Incyte. On the other hand, TG Therapeutics’ TG-1101, based on CD20 receptor, received an Orphan Drug designation for Neuromyelitis optica. Till date, collaborations have increased millions and companies are extensively investing on their platforms like Apogenix INc., which has received a grant of EUR 1.35 million by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for its exclusive TNFSF technology platform. All in all, Apogenix is making several immune check activators based on this platform which it claims to be “superior” to others in the industry. Although there is a time lap till the product reaches the market, it deems to have a huge potential.

Insight by:
Prashee Ahluwalia
DelveInsight Business Research