GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK based company, believes in growing its own cannabis plants, search for its ingredients and then come up with medicines that help the company in taking one more step towards approval of Epidiolex, as seen in the announcement of positive phase 3 trial results earlier this week.

The drug is for the treatment of epilepsy including Dravet syndrome and lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Pateints who were on 20mg dosage of Epidiolex had 42% reduction in monthly seizures compared to 17% of control patients. The company is expecting to submit a new drug application with US FDA in the first half of 2017. On Monday, a sudden rise of more than 16% in the stocks of the company was noted.

The drug so far has got Orphan Drug Designation from FDA for the treatment of Dravet syndrome and lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Fast track designation for Dravet syndrome. The company has, thus, set a new standard in the market by announcing promising results of Epidiolex.