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What do you feel when you see, cancer is getting cured by replacing the faulty or missing gene with the functional gene so that they can produce a protein to repair the anomaly responsible for the disease.


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DelveInsight is proud to announce the Pre-Launch of its Gene Therapy reports. These Reports are the outcome of very best analytical abilities and diligent market research amalgamated with opinions of gene therapy industry experts.

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Emerging Role of Gene Therapy

Every day we see the impact of innovation. Of most of the innovation delivered, Gene therapy is the biggest innovation. The scientific society has seen many transformations in past two decades with respect to gene therapy market. It has become an upcoming research area in 21st century with the industry’s collective pipeline brimming with therapies close to 300. Gene Therapy is preferred over drugs and surgery as it’s a onetime treatment which restores natural body function and did not just offer a short-term fix.

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Gene Therapy Research Companies and their Roles

Many companies have started investing in and researching on gene therapy due to its promising effects. A growing number of Big Pharma companies are partnering in drug development with innovation-rich biotech firms. Large Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology giants, such as Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi etc., are operating in the gene therapy domain. Moreover recent academic and industry partnerships for example between Celgene Corporation and Baylor College of Medicine, GSK and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute etc., are driving new gene therapy research.

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Gene Therapy Market Outlook

Gene Therapy involves using genes as medicines by transferring a therapeutic gene through a genetically engineered vector into the targeted cells of a patient to repair an unhealthy gene thus help in curing disease by synthesizing correct proteins. It involves the administration of DNA or RNA to modify the expression of genes or correct abnormal genes and is widely used in curing several disorders related to Oncology, Metabolic, Central Nervous system and Genetic etc., with oncology collectively accounting for 29 % of gene therapies in pipeline. However, the market for gene therapy is currently in the experimental stages due the risk involved with the use of genes designed in laboratory growth as well as the regulatory approval of products which are currently in clinical trials resulting in just three drugs hitting the market in past decade. Inspite of this, Gene Therapy has proved to be a promising approach for many incurable diseases.

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What DelveInsight Have for You!

DelveInsight is launching its Gene Therapy Reports in coming week. DelveInsight Gene Therapy Reports cover the entire gene therapy market insights including technology assessments, licensing opportunities, collaborations, market trends, pipeline coverage and competitive landscape. The report essentially provides DelveInsight’s proprietary market and pipeline analytics which identifies the front runners of all therapeutic areas. It also identifies the potential market movers and future regulatory landscape.

The Report insight covers therapy areas like; Oncology, Central nervous system, Genetic Disorders, Hematological disorders, Metabolic disorders, Ophthalmology, Cardiovascular disease, Respiratory and Immunology and many more…

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