The only word that described 2016’s pharma M&A market was “slow.” Some do predict that new year—and administration—could revive energy in the deal making arena, the changes might not happen that fast. The reasons are aplenty, as shares have been sagging under the weight of investor fears of drug-pricing reform. Companies aren’t all that keen on putting themselves up for sale while valuations are low. Drug pricing is inhibiting M&A in another way, too. Specialty drug makers have drawn unwanted attention since last summer with their buy-and-hike-prices strategy. In the meantime, they’ve been shying away from the deal making table, fearing they’d become the next Valeant, Turing or Mylan in the spotlight. Thus, the new regime under Donald Trump might blow life into the M&A activities, but this might take time and visible results might take a while.

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