A group of researchers has recently discovered that an immune mechanism responsible in clearing bacterial infections may also be involved in causing Parkinson’s disease. The study has identified the role of protein LRRK2 in tuberculosis, results have shown that it behaves similarly in Parkinson disease. This finding could pave the way for advance treatments for both diseases. A mutation in LRRK2 gene is common in Parkinson’s patients and LRRK2 blockers are showing promise against it. However, the exact mechanism of how this mutation causes the disease is still unknown. Currently, there are drugs based on LRRK2 for treating Parkinson’s that could be repurposed for Tuberculosis. Drug resistant TB is on the rise and Bacille-Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is the only WHO-approved TB vaccine that shows variable efficacy in adults, due Researchers are continuously searching for more effective treatment options.