Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced to invest a hefty amount worth USD 800 Million across pharma manufacturing and services.

The company plans to expand its capabilities in pharma manufacturing and services in the coming two years, with USD 475 Million reserved for 2020. 

The company has been acquiring several companies to fulfil its goal of providing valuable healthcare and ensure there is no shortage of medicines to patients. Recently, Thermo Fischer has acquired Qiagen NV- a Netherlands based pharma company, which was currently focused on developing a vaccine for COVID-19. The company, the last year, had also bought a CDMO – Brammer Biomanufacturingng viral vectors for gene/ cell therapies. 

The company has managed to double the production capacity of biological drugs and their commercial manufacturing, with the launch of new bioprocessing centres on the horizon. 

Biohaven Pharma has decided to carry forward the trails of intranasal vazegepant to Phase III for the treatment of acute migraine. 

Vazegepant (BHV-3500), is a highly soluble CGRP (Calcitonin gene-related peptide) receptor antagonist, distinct from its other candidate in CGRP platform – rimegepant. The decision to advance the evaluation into Phase III came after a successful end-of-phase meeting with the FDA. 

The results from Phase II/III revealed 10mg and 20 mg doses of the drug proved superior to placebo on the co-primary endpoints of pain freedom and freedom from most bothersome symptoms of photophobia, phonophobia and nausea at two hours following a single dose.

If gets approved, vazegepant will be available in the market along with its other complementary candidate of the company, rimegepant, which has recently been approved for the acute treatment of migraine in adults.

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals has announced to support the treatment of patients with hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumonia associated with the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The company is planning to support the treatment by offering financial arrangements, including extended payment for all direct account purchase of VIBATIV antibiotic. Moreover, the company also plans to provide flexible healthcare facilities, potent antibiotic treatments, supporting the increasing demand. 

The company is helping hospitals and clinics ensuring sufficiently supply of drugs and therapies in the time of COVID-19 crisis. 

Pneumonia – caused by secondary bacterial infections- is a common sight in patients with viral respiratory infections, with 1.3 million people in the US reported seeking care due to pneumonia in 2017, as per National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey 2017.